Anderson Bed Protector

Home owners and pest control professionals across the country agree; the bed bug epidemic is a real problem that needs a practical solution. Although there are varying methods of prevention and treatment for bed bugs, these irksome pests still cause sleepless nights and are very challenging for anyone but a pest professional to eradicate. The Bed Protector introduces an innovative solution to the bed bug problem and is an affordable method of bed bug prevention and treatment.

Pest Assure Bed Bug Bed Protector

Could Not Be Easier

The Bed Bug Mattress Protector could not be easier to use or install. Simply place the Bed Protector between your mattress and fitted sheet and prepare to see your bed bug infestation disappear. The Bed Protector is made with slick polymer sides that prevent bed bugs from reaching you while you sleep. If bed bugs can’t feed they can’t breed and will die out in a few weeks, stopping the infestation before it can escalate. Used in conjunction with traditional bed bug pest control, the Bed Protector is guaranteed to be effective. The Bed Protector is also perfect for avid travelers who worry about bringing bed bugs home with them. It is affordable and easy to take with you wherever you go, effectively giving you peace of mind against the bed bug epidemic.