Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control and Removal

These tiny bloodsucking insects don’t transmit diseases to people, but their bites cause itchy discomfort and their presence can create major psychological stress and embarrassment, to say nothing of sleep disruption. Bedbugs are among the most difficult pests to eradicate, so it’s especially important to call on expert help as soon as you suspect their presence. The sooner our pest management professionals can address the situation, the more successful you’ll be in containing the infestation.

Over the past few years, bedbug infestations have increased by leaps and bounds throughout the United States. While bedbugs don’t fly, they travel short spans by hopping—from one apartment to another, for example. But they can go much longer distances by hitching rides on luggage, clothing, and furniture. They can go for months without a feeding, meanwhile hiding away in the slimmest of cracks and crevices near where people and animals live and sleep. Mattresses, upholstered chairs and couches, dressers and nightstands, even your alarm clock—they’re all potential sites for congregating bedbugs. And each female can lay as many as five eggs a day, which will hatch out in a week or so.

How do you know if bedbugs are present? If you wake up in the morning with clusters of bites or if there’s dark spotting on bedding or walls (bedbug excretions), there’s a likelihood they’ve taken up residence. Of course, actually seeing the insects, their eggs, or their molted skin will give you confirmation—but it can be difficult to track down these nocturnal pests. Our trained technicians know where to look for their hiding places and how to identify their presence so that the eradication process can begin.

Successfully getting rid of bedbugs takes a sustained effort. Multiple treatments may be required, though the population should be substantially reduced after the first visit. We will develop an integrated pest management (IPM) plan of action involving both preventive measures and the targeted application of the appropriate bedbug extermination products. (Using pesticides that aren’t meant for bedbugs can actually cause the problem to escalate.) And we’ll make sure that you know what steps you should take to minimize your chances of re-infestation. Our goal is your peace of mind.

In addition to our professional pest control services, we are pleased to now offer the Bed Protector Bed Bug Trap, an innovative solution to the bed bug problem. The Bed Protector not only prevents a bed bug infestation from growing, but also assists in bed bug treatment. The Bed Protector’s slick polymer surface keeps the bed bugs from reaching you while you sleep and prevents them from feeding. Within a few weeks, the Bed Protector can eliminate your bed bug infestation. Click here to read more about the Bed Protector.

Pest Assure Bed Bug Bed Protector