Pigeon Removal

Pigeons - Removal and Exclusion

They may look picturesque, but these ubiquitous birds—sometimes described by frustrated Las Vegans as “flying rats”—can transmit disease, damage property, contaminate food, and simply make an unsightly and smelly mess. More kindly known as rock doves, pigeons tend to gather in groups to roost, depositing their droppings on sidewalks and steps, buildings, outdoor furniture, cars—and people. In significant amounts, pigeon droppings have been known to kill trees and even cause ceilings to collapse. The birds themselves may be host to insect pests such as fleas and lice, and their nest-building activity can clog pipes, block ventilation systems, and—if a nest is built near electrical equipment—create a serious fire hazard. Needless to say, you don’t want pigeons in or around food facilities.

This non-native avian species has no natural predators and has adapted extremely well to urban conditions and human food. Admirable as this may be as a means of survival, these are not the backyard birds you wish to attract. That’s where the expertise of Anderson Pest Control comes in. Our technicians will completely clean and sanitize the affected areas and install safe and effective exclusion measures to ensure that the birds don’t return for a repeat performance.

The specific methods and devices that will be most appropriate for keeping pigeons away from your property depend partly on whether you have roosting birds or nesting birds—or both. To discourage pigeons from roosting on your property, we can install physical deterrents such as plastic bird spikes or angled panels that transform flat landing areas (such as ledges) into slippery slopes. Wire-mesh screens or netting can effectively block access to vents, eaves, or other potential nesting sites. Faced with barriers like these, pigeons will want to look elsewhere for easier places to congregate and nest.

We will also do an inspection of the property to offer a plan of action for addressing any other pigeon-attracting issues that may exist. Minimizing the presence of standing water, pruning trees that may invite roosting, and making trash cans and other food sources inaccessible will all help discourage pigeons from targeting your home or place of business.