Residential Pest Control

Protect Your Home from Pests

We all need to feel secure in our own homes—and that means not worrying about unwanted guests. Pest invaders can destroy household goods, create a health hazard, and generally give us the creepy-crawlies.

We want you to be comfortable in your home. Our residential pest control service can put your mind at ease and protect your belongings. We begin with an inspection of the property to identify exactly what pests are present, where they are coming from, and how they are getting into your home. Then we can develop an integrated management plan tailored to the specific situation—whether that means sweeping away spider webs, establishing exclusion barriers around your home, or removing wasp nests.

We’ll propose an initial treatment program for both the exterior and interior, as needed, to target the existing pests. Then we’ll suggest measures for keeping your premises free of pests in the future. Anderson Pest Control’s residential pest control technicians will work with you to eliminate entry points and food sources—at all times being sensitive to the aesthetics and the safety of your home.