Scorpion Control

Scorpions - Control and Exclusion

Scorpions are one of the inevitable components of life in the desert—but that doesn’t mean you have to have them in and around your home! Anderson Pest Control’s multifaceted approach can help you avoid playing host to these unwanted desert pests.

There are many scorpion species, and in Las Vegas your home was probably built around a few of these creatures. Only one type, the bark scorpion, is considered seriously venomous, its stings capable of causing severe pain along with numbness, swelling, and even convulsions and breathing difficulty. Bark scorpions grow to three inches long and are distinguished by a skinny tail, narrow pincers, and a small bump below the stinger.

Nighttime is when most scorpions are active, hunting for food: various kinds of insects, spiders, centipedes, even other scorpions, small lizards, and mice. During the daylight hours these eight-legged arthropods are likely to be hiding outdoors under tree bark, stacked wood, rocks, or rubbish, or indoors in attics, basements, closets, or perhaps shoes or neatly folded clothing. They’re drawn to moisture and need only the tiniest opening to get into a home—a crack in the foundation, an opening around plumbing, or a window or screen that doesn’t fit tightly.

There’s no need to panic about scorpions in your desert home. We will create a control program tailored to your particular needs and property. As an initial step, our Black Light Night Inspection service can locate the scorpions that are present so they can be removed and exterminated. (Scorpions give off a glow under the black light.) Keep in mind that pesticides alone won’t solve a scorpion problem, and they should be used only in combination with physical control measures. Sealing any crevices in your walls and around pipes, pruning tree branches that may give access to your roof, making sure your doors and windows fit tightly—all these steps will help keep scorpions out. It is also important to reduce the food sources that attract scorpions, which means reducing the insect population in and around your home or commercial structure. Anderson Pest Control can advise you and implement a successful management strategy.