Spider Control

Spiders - Removal and Control

In truth, most spiders are actually considered beneficial, since they feed on insect pests. But most of us don’t welcome them indoors, and spider webs hanging from exterior light fixtures, windows and doors, and house eaves can detract from the cosmetic value of your home.

Spiders are all around us, and they can easily invade a home through small structural cracks or poorly sealed windows, doors, and screens. Or they can be brought in on plants, firewood, or other materials. Outdoors, spiders are likely to be present in firewood, stacks of building materials, piled-up debris, or dense vegetation.

The majority of spiders are harmless and are actually a welcome presence in the garden. There are exceptions, of course. One of them is the well-known black widow spider, widely distributed throughout the warmer parts of the country. The female of this species is identifiable by a pair of reddish or yellowish triangles on the underside of the shiny black abdomen. Black widow bites vary in severity, with convulsions and even death having occurred. (This is rare, but medical treatment should be sought right away for any bite.) The brown recluse spider is another species to be particularly wary of, though it’s less common than the black widow in southern Nevada. Its bite usually seems less painful than a bee sting at first, but within 8 to 12 hours there’s intense pain, followed by a hard-to-treat open sore that often results in a significant scar. This spider is yellow to dark brown, with a darker, violin-shaped mark on top.

Controlling spiders calls for an integrated management approach, since spiders are less susceptible than most insect pests to residual chemicals. That’s because their eight legs raise them up off surfaces that have been treated. Insecticidal dusts or other chemical treatments can be effective in enclosed cracks and crevices where spiders crawl to hide. Anderson Pest Control will work with you to reduce the existing spider population around your home or business establishment and keep it in check. Identifying the kinds of spiders that are present, removing their webs and egg sacs, clearing out spider hiding places, and minimizing insects food sources—these are all part of our comprehensive approach, along with targeted and appropriate use of insecticides.