Las Vegas Homeowners' Guide To German Cockroach Control

a german cockroach crawling on a kitchen counter

You're settling down for the evening, relaxed, maybe watching some TV. Then out of the corner of your eye, you see it — a dark figure scurrying up the wall or under the furniture. Just like that, you realize you have a cockroach problem in your home.

While you may not want to get close enough to notice the difference, there are different species of cockroaches in Las Vegas. One of the most common species that you will see is the German cockroach. The German cockroach is flat and oval-shaped and about 5/8 of an inch long. They are light brown to tan in color and can usually be distinguished by the two darker stripes down their back. They are usually found in warmer, humid areas of your home close to food and water, mainly in bathrooms and kitchens.

Read on to learn how to prevent German cockroaches in Las Vegas and what Anderson Pest Control can do for your cockroach problem.

The Issues With German Cockroaches

Cockroaches are more than just a creepy pest that crawls around your home and scares you when you turn the lights on. They can be a danger to you and anyone else who lives in your home. They have been found to spread at least 33 different types of bacteria, six types of parasitic worms, and seven other dangerous human pathogens. They can also cause allergic reactions and make asthma symptoms more severe in people who are sensitive, especially children.

Another issue with German cockroaches is how well they can hide and how large their numbers can be. If you see one cockroach in your home, there is a strong chance there are a lot more hiding in the dark unused areas of your home. The German cockroach lifecycle also makes eliminating these pests very difficult. They can breed at a rate of up to six generations per year, meaning infestations can grow very quickly.

How To Prevent German Cockroaches

As difficult as it can be to detect cockroaches and how quickly an infestation can grow, the best way to keep German cockroaches under control is to keep them out of your home in the first place. Here are some German cockroach prevention tips:

  • Seal cracks and crevices around your home.
  • Eliminate areas of moisture and high humidity in your home.
  • Remove any clutter where cockroaches can hide.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Take out your trash regularly, storing it in a bin with a sealed lid.
  • Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink.
  • Deep clean your kitchen, including behind appliances.

Following these cockroach prevention tips, combined with a residential pest control plan from Anderson Pest Control, will help keep these dangerous and disgusting pests out of your home.

Dealing With A German Cockroach Infestation

If you do see German cockroaches around your home, don’t wait; call us immediately. Because of the German cockroach lifecycle, wasting time with ineffective or incomplete DIY cockroach treatments only means that the infestation will get worse. Remember, if you see one cockroach, there are a lot more around your home that you can’t see.

At Anderson Pest Control, our trained technicians know exactly where to look and what steps to take to get to the heart of your German cockroach problem. We will use a variety of treatments like traps and baits to remove the existing population. We will also identify and repair areas around your home where cockroaches may be getting in, as well as conditions that may be attracting them. We’ll not only eliminate your German cockroach problem but will make sure they don’t return, keeping you and your family safe from these dangerous pests.