Signs You May Need Professional Help To Deal With Pigeons In Las Vegas

pigeons standing outside of a business

Dealing with pigeons in Las Vegas can be troublesome as this wildlife pest is prolific and can spread several health risks around your property. To keep your commercial property safe from infestations of pigeons, you can implement careful prevention tactics and contact Las Vegas pest control for more help.

Do I Need Professional Help With Pigeons On My Commercial Property?

Though many commercial property owners assume they can scare away this pest by themselves, it is often a much better idea to invest in professional help for pigeons on your property. This is because pigeons can spread around diseases like salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, and toxoplasmosis through their droppings, in addition to leaving behind parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites.

Signs that you have a significant pigeon problem around your Las Vegas property and need expert help include:

  • Groups of pigeons around your property or on your buildings can attract more pigeons, so this can lead to some major issues.
  • Pigeon droppings cover parking lots or other spaces around your commercial property. This can be highly unhygienic.
  • Bird nests start to show up around your building or twigs, leaves, branches. You will also see other materials scattered around your property.

Ways To Deter Pigeons In Las Vegas

While trying to tackle an active pigeon infestation yourself can be a bad idea, you can apply simple prevention tactics to deter pigeon invasions from starting on your Las Vegas property.

  • Pigeon-proof your property by installing bird spikes and covering vents or ways into the building with netting. This stops pigeons from being attracted to nesting areas or sitting around on your property and leaving behind droppings.
  • Remove access to outdoor food and water that may be around your property. This includes covering up trash areas, ensuring your property has proper drainage, and addressing leaks around your commercial property.
  • Never feed pigeons that appear outside your commercial property, and make sure that any employees also follow this rule. Feeding will encourage pigeons to stay on your property and continually return in the hope of a free meal.
  • Install sloping areas around windowsills and ledges to reduce access to ledges that pigeons may have access to build their nests.

Do Bird Nets Keep Birds Away?

Bird nets are one of the most commonly utilized bird control methods and can work for your commercial property. Bird netting works by physically blocking pigeons from certain areas and is highly versatile; they may be installed on rooftops and different areas on buildings and will create a barrier for invading pigeons without harming the bird.

You should remember that bird netting can become hazardous if not correctly installed, which is why Anderson Pest Control is available to help you put this into place and address your pigeon problems.

Total Bird Control For Commercial Properties

If you want to keep pigeons away from your commercial property and stop the spread of disease that this pest can introduce, your best option is to reach out to Anderson Pest Control. Our professionals at Anderson Pest Control can inspect your property for factors that attract pigeons and provide you with customized treatment solutions that entirely eradicate pigeons from your property. 

So, for total bird control, you can count on, and free your commercial property from pigeons, reach out to Anderson Pest Control today.