Solar Panel Exclusion 101: What Las Vegas Homeowners Should Know

bird on solar panel

Pest control services are probably not the first thing you think of when you think of solar panel maintenance in Anderson. However, you’ll need to integrate pest control into your regular panel maintenance activities if you want to avert pest damage to your expensive equipment.

How Pest Activity Can Damage Solar Panels

Pest infestations can have a devastating impact on solar panels. These pieces of equipment are built tough. They’re made to withstand extreme heat and cold, inclement weather, and even some level of impact. 

Pests in Anderson, however, present a different type of threat that solar panels are often not as equipped to handle. Many different pests can cause damage to solar panels. Birds may nest under them, damaging the wiring with their highly acidic droppings. They can also land on them and scratch the panels’ surface.

Rodents are another major threat because they love to chew on solar panel wiring. This can cause shorts and electrical faults, which, aside from impeding the solar panels’ function, can also make them a serious fire hazard. 

Common Types Of Pests That Can Impact Your Home's Solar Panels

There are many types of pests that can interfere with your solar panel setup:

  • Squirrels can cause chewing damage and may also nest underneath panels. 
  • Rats and mice are also a chewing damage threat, especially to panel wiring. 
  • Birds can nest under and between panels and damage them with their acidic feces.
  • Insects may build nests in and around panels, reducing efficiency and risking shorts.

Flying insects, such as bees and wasps, can cause multiple issues with solar panels. Unlike rodents and birds, flying insects can sometimes get inside the mechanical parts of solar panels themselves. This can lead to issues with proper power generation and may interfere with sun-tracking solar systems’ ability to follow the sun. 

How Professional Solar Panel Exclusion Services Work

Pest control for solar panels can be uniquely challenging because you need to keep pests away from the panels without interfering with the panels’ ability to function as intended. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Critter guards: These are physical barriers installed around the perimeter of solar panels to keep out rodents. These can be made of metal mesh, wire, or other chew-resistant materials.
  • Anti-bird measures: Netting or spikes placed above or around solar panels can keep birds from nesting under them or landing around them. 
  • Pest sealant: This liquid or foam can fill certain gaps and openings to keep insects out. 
  • Wire wrapping: Protective materials make it harder for rodents to chew through electric cables attached to the panels.

While physical barriers are vital to protect your solar panels, they’re no substitute for regular maintenance. All anti-pest measures need regular inspections to ensure they’re in proper working order. The panels themselves also need inspection to ensure pests have not found a way around your prevention measures. 

That’s where we come in. Here at Anderson Pest Control, our solar panel exclusion experts can not only install solar panel exclusion methods; they can also provide proper maintenance to ensure pests are never a problem for your power generation equipment.

Call Anderson Pest Control For All Your Solar Panel Exclusion Needs

Dependable home pest control is vital to maintaining functional solar equipment. Though it is possible to install your own pest barriers, it’s a lot easier to contact panel exclusion experts. Professionals can take the hassle, inconvenience, and danger out of protecting your solar panels from pests. 

So don’t leave your solar panels to the birds, rodents, or insects. Contact your friendly local pest control experts at Anderson Pest Control today.