The Pigeons In Las Vegas Can Be Very Troublesome

two pigeons sitting in a yard

On the surface, pigeons do not seem to be that big of a nuisance. You see them strutting around parks, being fed small morsels of bread from adults and kids alike. They may scrounge more than other birds, but they need to eat just like all the other wildlife out there. However, pigeons in Las Vegas can be dangerous and destructive.
Find out what kind of harm these birds can inflict and why partnering with the professionals at Anderson Pest Control will help you with your pigeon control in Las Vegas.

Are Pigeons In Las Vegas Dangerous?

Pigeons in Las Vegas are not the kind of pests that go around terrorizing people. In fact, they are quite friendly at times and are used to being around people. However, they can carry and spread parasites like fleas, mites, and ticks, which all carry various diseases of their own. Among the pathogens carried by pigeons and the vermin hitching rides on them that can be transmitted to humans include:

  • E. coli
  • St. Louis encephalitis
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Candidiasis
  • Salmonellosis

Most of these will affect you if you come into contact with infected pigeon droppings, but St. Louis encephalitis differs from the others in that it is spread by mosquitos that have fed on a pigeon carrying this pathogen.

Where Do Pigeons Like To Build Their Nests In Las Vegas?

Pigeon nests and roosting habits can be destructive to the areas they inhabit. They are attracted to properties where food, water, and shelter are readily obtainable. Pigeons are smart enough to know that if there are people around, their sustenance will be close by. Common places to find pigeons include:

  • The roofs of homes or other buildings
  • On church steeples
  • The rafters of commercial warehouses and garages
  • In feed mills

Pigeons are known to damage gutters, roof eaves, fans, electrical equipment, ventilation systems, and building exteriors in the areas where they roost. Other areas where these “rats with wings” may be found include parks, fields, under bridges, and around outdoor dining areas.

Is It Safe To Feed Pigeons In Las Vegas?

Even if your heart goes out to these birds as they approach you for a handout, it is not a wise idea to get too close to them, mainly because of the diseases they can transmit. Additionally, once you start feeding them, they will tend to rely on you for this food, and not only will they keep showing up to your property looking for more, but they will more than likely be accompanied by some of their fine-feathered friends looking to get in on the action. If it gets to that point, pigeon control might be the only way to take care of the issue.

How Do I Prevent Birds From Nesting Around My Las Vegas Property?

There are things you can do to prevent pigeons from gathering on your property in addition to not feeding them. These include:

  • Keep locking lids on trash bins and compost bins to keep them out.
  • Get rid of water sources by clearing out clogged gutters and removing birdbaths.
  • Cut tree branches back from your roofline so they cannot shelter there.
  • Use a motion-activated sprinkler system to scare them away.

These prevention tips may work, but sometimes your pigeon problem may become more than you can handle. This is when you should enlist the help of the best pigeon control in Las Vegas.

Anderson Pest Control has been servicing properties in Las Vegas since 2002. We are locally-owned and family-run, and our technicians care about the work they do for you. Many of the products and services we use are entirely eco-friendly. If you have a pigeon problem on your Las Vegas property and need the best pigeon control in the region, give Anderson Pest Control a call today.