Struggling With A Roach Infestation Inside Your Las Vegas Home?

cockroaches near a plate of food

There is no denying that cockroaches are ugly and problematic pests. The question is, why do these insects love invading homes in Las Vegas? Every day we hear about more and more homeowners struggling with these disgusting creatures. If you are up against an infestation in your home and you want a quick solution, call our team now. We will send a technician your way to inspect your home and implement a fast treatment to give these pests the boot. If you want to learn more about cockroaches and DIY pest control in Las Vegas, keep reading. 

Do I Have A Roach Infestation?

Before we talk about cockroach control, let’s find out if you are dealing with these pests inside your home. To do this, you have to know some signs of cockroaches. The good news is that different types of cockroaches leave similar signs behind. Some things we recommend you look for inside your home are roach droppings, shed skins, egg casings, and dead roaches. You are most likely to find these signs around large kitchen appliances, washers/dryers, and in other tight/moist areas around your living areas. If you are having trouble finding signs of cockroaches or want an expert to identify these pests for you, call our team at Anderson Pest Control. We will help you assess your situation.

The Cockroaches In Las Vegas Could Be Making You Sick

One thing all cockroaches have in common is their ability to get you sick. These pests get people sick by spreading harmful disease-causing organisms indoors. German cockroaches, the most common species in our area, are known to carry and spread 33 harmful bacteria, 7 pathogens, and 6 parasitic worms. You might contract a cockroaches-borne disease by interacting with this pest’s fecal droppings, eating contaminated food, or by touching one of these bugs. Avoid sickness by addressing infestations quickly and putting in place a protection plan to keep roaches out, year-round.

Is DIY Roach Control Easy To Execute?

Cockroaches are among the most resilient, if not the most resilient bugs on the planet. What does this mean for you? It means getting these pests out of your home using DIY roach control will be difficult. Since these insects are resistant to many common pest control products, specialty treatments are often required. DIY treatments can be harmful to humans and pets if they are ingested. If you do not know how to apply roach control properly, you could put your family at risk. If roaches find places to hide from your treatments, you won’t find any success. The only way to avoid wasting money and potentially putting your loved ones at risk is to hire a professional. 

How To Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Home

In order to keep different kinds of cockroaches out of your Las Vegas home, year-round, you need a professional pest control plan. At Anderson Pest Control, we go above and beyond to make sure our community has access to reliable and affordable cockroach control options. If you suspect your home has an active infestation, let us perform a detailed inspection. We will assess your risk and offer you some choices to get these pests out. If you are looking for year-round protection to keep pests like roaches out of your home, check out our general pest control plans. We are certain you will find one that fits your needs and solves your pest problems.

Give our team a call now to learn more. We will answer questions you have about pest control in Las Vegas and help you schedule a service visit for your home and property.