A Complete And Effective Guide To Bed Bug Removal In Las Vegas

bed bug on bedsheet

Welcome to a complete guide to effective bed bug control in Las Vegas. Bed bugs aren’t the most enjoyable subject of conversation, but that only highlights how frustrating these pests can be when they manage to enter our homes. 

Consider this your complete guide to effective bed bug removal for Las Vegas homes. You’ll learn how bed bugs move around the city and beyond, the two best things you can do to support long-term bed bug control, the challenges of DIY control, and the smartest ways to discourage future bed bug problems.  

As you’ll soon see, bed bugs cause serious problems for area homes. Understanding how they take advantage of us is the first step to stopping bed bugs in their tracks; we can then create much happier and healthier communities. 

How Bed Bugs Travel In Las Vegas

So, what causes bed bugs? How do they move from place to place? As we alluded to earlier, bed bugs depend on humans to relocate. They are capable of traveling short distances ( i.e., several feet,) but for anything more than that, they need help. 

Generally, we consider bed bugs ‘hitchhiking’ bugs. They climb onto clothing or crawl into luggage or boxes. They can also embed themselves in the creases of furniture. When we move around, carry luggage, or move furniture, there’s a chance bed bugs are coming along for the ride. 

It’s possible to spot bed bugs by sight, but they’re small, and if someone isn’t aware of a potential bed bug problem, they’re not likely to check for them. We’ll come back to this when we talk about prevention.  For now, just know that bed bugs travel by relying on humans. 

Bed Bug Control Tips For Las Vegas Homeowners

Bed bug control can take several different forms, and the specifics typically depend on the situation. Professional pest control services can help you decide which method will work best for your home and the severity of the infestation. 

Prevention is a category that we’ll get to soon enough, but first, we want to highlight the two best things you can do to support ongoing bed bug control. The first is to contact a pest control service. Even if you don’t currently have a bed bug problem, being in contact with a pest control company can be a huge help. It’s also important to find out which companies offer services for various kinds of pests. 

Our second recommendation is for anyone who has previously experienced a bed bug infestation. Schedule regular pest inspections with a local pest control company. You can decide on the frequency, but having multiple inspections in any given year, or even just once a year, is an enormous advantage when it comes to long-term bed bug control and prevention.  

Why Bed Bugs Are Hard To Get Rid Of Alone

As with any pest problem, noticing an infestation for the first time can be upsetting. With bed bugs especially, being woken up in the middle of the night with itchy bites is an incredibly unpleasant experience. It’s natural to want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. 

However, attempting bed bug removal alone is generally a bad idea. That’s because bed bugs are challenging to get rid of on your own. These pests are good at hiding in plain sight and can reproduce fairly quickly, too, so it’s likely that, no matter how many bed bugs you find, there will always be more nearby that have stayed hidden. 

You also might find some sources online that talk about using heat to get rid of bed bugs; this is true, but DIY heat treatments for all of the affected areas of your home should not be attempted without professional help. Doing so could lead to severe damage to your home and belongings. Instead, work with a pest control service in your area. 

How To Prevent Future Bed Bug Infestations

To close, we want to explain how to prevent bed bugs. Here are some key steps for preventing bed bugs from entering your home: 

  • When coming home from traveling, carefully check your luggage for possible signs of bed bugs.
  • Don’t bring home used furniture you see on the street unless you’ve examined it carefully.
  • If you live in a building complex, use door sweeps on exterior doors. 

For effective bed bug services, contact Anderson Pest Control today.