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What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are structural invading pests that live wherever there are people. Bed bugs DO NOT discriminate based on socio-economic status or cleanliness. Rags or riches, first-class luxury resort or low rate motel, bed bugs don't care. Bed bugs have an insatiable appetite for blood. Bed bugs like to live near us because they feed on blood and humans happen to be their favorite hosts. Bed bugs are tiny and have flattened oval-shaped bodies. These bugs look like apple seeds with legs. Bed bugs have a short antennae, six legs, and a proboscis – an elongated mouthpart they use for feeding.

bedbug on gravel

Bed bugs feed on warm-blooded animals, and in addition to us, they may also feed on our pet dogs, cats, and birds. After consuming a blood meal, their body expands into a more capsule-like shape. 

Some of the most common places you'll find these pests include:

  • Airports and bus stations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Resorts and casinos
  • Libraries and movie theaters
  • Shopping centers and office buildings
  • Single-family homes and apartment buildings

Are bed bugs dangerous?

While bed bugs are pests that no one wants to contend with, there is some good news; they aren’t currently a significant threat when it comes to spreading diseases. However, they cause other problems, including itchy bites, sleepless nights, and adding more stress to your day.

These prolific pests love to live inside our homes and won’t just go away. These pests need to be managed by a professional to eliminate them from your house. Every single bed bug, egg, and nymph needs to be destroyed to stop a reinfestation.

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination which means we have millions of people traveling in and out of our area on a daily basis. All people have the potential to be traveling with hitchhiking bed bugs. Anytime you are in a public place, you can come into contact with bed bugs and accidentally introduce them into your home.

Where will I find bed bugs?

Bed bugs live indoors. They received their name because they like to live near their sleeping hosts in mattresses and box springs. Bed bugs also favor upholstered furniture and pet bedding.

It is important to realize that bed bugs don’t just stay in bedrooms. These critters are prolific breeders, and as the infestation develops, they will move throughout the house and inhabit many different places, including:

  • Wall voids
  • Space behind wood trim and baseboards
  • Under piles of clutter and dirty laundry
  • Inside of electrical outlets and electronics
  • In the cracks of pieces of wooden furniture

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Don’t trust just anyone to solve your Las Vegas area bed bug problems; put your trust in the local and dedicated professionals at Anderson Pest Control. We always go the extra mile to ensure that your home or business becomes and stays free of bed bugs and other pests. Through thorough inspections, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan of action, the targeted application of appropriate products, and follow-up services, we eliminate bed bugs.

At Anderson Pest Control, we strive to provide our customers with a reliable solution to their pest problems. Please contact one of our bed bug specialists today who will gladly provide measurements, order and install the correct size bed bug encasements for all your beds, including mattresses and box springs.

In addition to regularly inspecting your mattresses and box springs for bedbug activity, our bedbug specialists will also routinely check upholstered furniture, chairs, and your pet’s bedding for bedbugs. This simple investment may help you save expensive mattresses. This step is critical and when done professionally will help provide long term control. If you are ready to learn more about our residential or commercial bed bug control solutions, reach out to Anderson Pest Control today!

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services, protect your property from pests with the following prevention tips:

  • Purchase bed bug-proof mattress and box spring covers. These covers should enclose the whole mattress and box spring, taking away one of their favorite hideouts.
  • In addition to regularly inspecting your mattresses and box springs for bed bug activity, also regularly check upholstered furniture, chairs, and your pet’s bedding for bed bugs.
  • Reduce the clutter in your home where bed bugs can hide.
  • Always inspect used furniture for signs of bed bugs before bringing them into your house.
  • Inspect any hotel room you will be spending the night in for signs of bed bugs before bringing your luggage inside.

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