How To Handle A Bed Bug Infestation In Las Vegas

bed bugs on mattress

There are lots of problematic pests that live here in Las Vegas. Bed bugs are one of the lesser-known troublemakers. Most people do not learn about these pests until they deal with an active infestation inside their home. We would like to inform you before this happens.

When you sleep in your bed each night, you don't want to experience sharp bites from bed bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs are a common pest because they can come into your home from multiple places. In fact, approximately 20% of Americans have experienced bed bugs at home or in hotels. If you are wondering about the symptoms of bed bug infestations, why they are hard to prevent, and the best pest control for bed bugs near you, this article is for you. At Anderson Pest Control, we have experience in offering quality pest control in Las Vegas.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed Bugs in Las Vegas are small, brownish bugs with an oval shape. Generally, they like to feed on animal or human blood. After feeding, their bodies swell and turn reddish. Adult bed bugs are the same size as an apple seed; they cannot fly, but you will find them on floors, ceilings, and walls.

The Symptoms Of A Bed Bug Infestation

One thing that is important to understand is the two main problems these pests cause. Let’s start with anemia. Bed bugs feed on blood. If you are only being bitten by a couple of these pests every night, there is nothing to worry about. It is when several dozen bites occur every night that your red blood cell count may start to suffer, causing anemia. This condition, which drastically affects general health, is easy to treat once you find a bed bug control option to get these pests out of your home. This same thing is true for insomnia, the other problem that comes with these pests. Insomnia can be brought on by the stress and anxiety of an untreated bed bug infestation and affects sleep quality.

If you think you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, but you are unsure, here are signs you need to check:

  • Evidence of the bugs whereby you notice shed skins or black droppings in the seams of your mattress and the creases of your curtains and bed sheets 
  • When you notice welts, bumps, or bites on your body when you wake up 
  • Finding tiny stains of blood on your pillowcases and sheets
  • Noticing a harsh musty odor that resembles a locker room smell around your bed or in your room 
  • Presence of pearly white and ovular-looking bed bug eggs that are about 0.03-inches

Although it can be alarming to realize that bed bugs are infesting your place, you want to work with a professional to eliminate these pests more effectively. 

Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Prevent

How to get rid of bed bugs on your own is as challenging as preventing them from getting into your home. But one of the reasons why they will find their way to your bed is that they multiply fast. For example, suppose a female bed bug produces only one egg daily. In that case, the number can quickly grow, making it hard to limit an infestation, especially if your removal methods are not killing the bugs. Another reason is that they can go without feeding for a long while. For example, they can feed once a week. Unfortunately, this ability makes bed bugs hide, making it hard for you to know the extent of the infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home For Good

Bed bug numbers are resistant to DIY removal methods, so the best way to get these bugs out of your home is to hire experts from Anderson Pest Control and get the best bed bug pest control cost for your home. A professional crew will help you save on the cost of removing bed bugs instead of spending it on products that are unsuccessful at what you want to achieve.

Bed bugs are small insects that consume humans, and for the most part, you will find them in the folds of your bed sheets, the creases of your curtains, and the seams of your mattress. If you discover blood stains on your pillow or lots of bed bugs in the furniture of your bed and mattress, hire professional bed bug control services in Las Vegas from Anderson Pest Control. Our trained technicians have years of experience handling these hard-to-remove bugs. Drop us a line to learn more about our quality local pest control for bed bugs.