The Easiest Way To Tackle A Nuisance Pigeon Problem In Las Vegas

pigeon on a wall

Pigeons are silly birds, are they not? Many would agree that these local fowl are more than silly; they are foul. Pigeons cause tons of problems for property owners. If you allow these birds to live around your home or business, they will find a way to cause trouble for you.

Read today’s article to learn about the pigeons in Las Vegas and discover what problems these pests cause on local properties. Talk with our team at Anderson Pest Control to learn how we deal with these aviary threats locally. Let one of our team members talk you through our service offerings to find out what form of pigeon pest control you need.

Pigeon Identification Guide

Pigeons are just one of many doves that live here in Las Vegas. They are, however, the most problematic species. You can identify one of these aviary pests by their bluish-gray coloration, the two black bands on their wings, and the black at the tip of their tails. You are most likely to find pigeons walking around on busy streets. They are not afraid of humans and will happily waddle past trash cans, tables, and other populated areas to find things to eat. Sometimes, these birds will come indoors to search for food.

To find out if these pests are sheltering on your property, talk with our team. We have the best pigeon control and would be happy to find out if these birds are nesting on your property. 

Why Are Pigeons Considered A Nuisance?

There are many reasons to dislike pigeons. The main reason is that these pests are a huge nuisance. They have no problem bothering anyone they come in contact with. This is an issue for homeowners as much as it is for business owners.

What you might not know is that pigeons are also dangerous and destructive. They spread disease and destroy properties with their acidic and disease-ridden fecal droppings. This is just one reason you need to consider pigeon bird control for your property. Here are some things that attract these pests to local properties and why you should start considering your options to control pigeons locally.

Factors That Attract Pigeons To Your Property

Pigeons are food-motivated creatures. They love to live near areas that offer them opportunities to keep their bellies full. Keeping this in mind, here are some things that might attract these birds to your property.

  • Unprotected trash cans
  • Left out food
  • Accessible interior spaces
  • Roosting opportunities around your building's exterior

These pests will eat anything from bread to fries to a half-eaten churro. The worst part is that your property does not have to have anything for these birds to build a nest around your home or business building. Sometimes, they do this so that they can fly around nearby properties to find food. This is why you need nuisance pigeon control. 

Professional Pigeon Control Is The Best Solution

Investing in pigeon control in Las Vegas is a no-brainer. These birds cause too many problems for you to ignore them. The question is, who are you going to go with for your pest control services? Let us put our name into the hat.

We are a dedicated local provider that goes above and beyond to assist residents and business owners with all sorts of common and uncommon pest problems. We have the tools and training needed to pigeon-proof your property and deal with any existing fowl that are being foul to you. Reach out to Anderson Pest Control now to learn more about our offerings and make a service visit for your Las Vegas property