Why Rats Are Dangerous To Have In Your Las Vegas Home

A black rat on a pallet.

Forget notions of a cute rat that saves the day in a beloved Disney movie, this type of rodent is neither helpful nor clean. Keep reading to learn why rats are dangerous to have in your Las Vegas home. Or get down to business and reach out to the professionals. Our specially trained team members at Anderson Pest Control can assist homeowners with rat removal.

Rats Living In Las Vegas 

There are two main types of rats that southern Nevada residents may find in their neck of the woods.  

  • Norway Rat: This rodent is the larger of two species of rats found locally. Measuring about 40 centimeters on average, these hefty rats can weigh over a pound. Males are even larger than females, and the occasional subject is supersized. Primary colors tend to be brown or gray but may be a combination of the two shades. Bellies are usually lighter in color, and eyes are dark.    
  • Roof Rat: This darker, smaller variety of rats is no less menacing. Adults may measure anywhere from 12 to 18 inches in length. These rats have pointed snouts and dark eyes. Fur color is typically a shade of brown with black interspersed throughout the coat. Bellies may be a noticeably different color in white, black, or gray. This rat is especially adept at climbing and can be in attics, power lines, and trees. 

Destruction Rats Can Cause

Rats have strong teeth designed to tear up things. Incisors are primarily used to gnaw while molars are geared to chew; the jaw power is excellent and can severely damage. These rodents are pretty adept at destroying things, and to homeowners, this can be an expensive problem. 

Anything covered in fabric is at risk: curtains, clothing, upholstered furniture, and rugs. Stored holiday items, books, seasonal clothes, linens, and mementos may be in danger too. Food products like cereals, birdseed, pet food, grains, and crackers can also be ruined. Rats are accomplished gnawers and often go for pricey items like pipes, vinyl, drywall, wood, and insulation.  

Exterior spaces are not immune to this rodent’s devastation. Gardens, raised beds, and even some bulbs may be dug up and destroyed by rats. Woodpiles and leaf litter piles may be favorite outside hangout spots.

Keep in mind that these furry devils can chew up electrical wiring with reckless abandon. Such actions put the entire household at risk for a potentially catastrophic house fire.

Health Hazards Rats Pose

Health risks are another reason why rats are dangerous to have in your Las Vegas home. These nasty rodents are naturally unsanitary, so they bring all of their gross pathogens right with them when they come indoors. Crawling through sewage and garbage is one way rats are considered dirty. Fleas often hitchhike on rats causing yet another problem.  

Jaundice, bubonic plague, trichinosis, rat-bite fever, typhus, and cowpox virus are medical threats that rats pose to humans. Contacting rat waste can also put humans at risk for developing hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis.    

Efficient Rat Control In Las Vegas

There are a variety of factors why rats are dangerous to have in your Las Vegas home. However, as rats can become aggressive when feeling threatened, approaching these rodents is not advisable for the average homeowner. Contact the pest control experts is the safest and most effective way to yield success when dealing with this type of rodent infestation.  Our technicians at Anderson Pest Control are skilled in successfully tackling rats in Nevada homes.