How To Keep Pesky Birds From Nesting On Your Las Vegas Property

pest birds

There are many amazing benefits to living here in Las Vegas. We have amazing food around every corner, amazing business opportunities for hungry entrepreneurs, and gorgeous places to live. One thing that makes living here difficult is all the pest birds. Nuisance birds have a habit of causing problems for local property owners. The good news is that there are ways to prevent these pests. Here is what you need to know about the pesky birds around Las Vegas and how to stop them from nesting on your property. Contact Anderson Pest Control if you need direct assistance deterring these flying pests. We offer many amazing options for pest control in Las Vegas to help property owners like you stay safe from harmful birds and other invasive species.

Types Of Pest Birds That Plague Las Vegas Properties

There are many pest birds that live here in Las Vegas and cause problems for property owners. The four most common are the house sparrow, the European starling, the Canada goose, and the pigeon. Pigeons are the most common on the strip as they do not fear humans and actively walk under legs to steal food from the ground. House sparrows, European starlings, and Canadian geese are more common around residential areas. The main reason why these birds are pests is because of their nesting and feeding habits. Other birds do not dare shelter on the eaves of buildings and do not eat the same food that humans might.

All The Problems Pest Birds Can Create For Your Business

Birds can be fun to watch when they are walking around on the ground. These flying pests are a whole lot less fun when they defecate on tables and steal food. As gross as pigeon droppings are, it is not their appearance that is concerning, it is the diseases that might be inside of them that you should be concerned about. Most pest birds can get people sick with their droppings. They also have a habit of carrying smaller pests like fleas and ticks closer to businesses and residential homes. If you own a business that handles food and you don’t want your patrons getting sick, you need to find a way to keep pests birds at bay. We are going to take a moment now to talk about bird netting and other bird control options.

Using Bird Netting For Pigeon Control

One of the best strategies to control birds here in Las Vegas is bird netting. This method involves covering potential nesting areas with a polyethylene net. When installed properly this net prevents birds from settling in comfortably in the nooks and crannies of buildings. The challenge is utilizing these nets effectively. Most bird control methods are difficult to do right. If you have the time to do your research and are willing to go through some trial and error, we wish you luck. If you want to control these pests without this stress, get our team involved.

The Safe And Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

At Anderson Pest Control we understand how much of a problem birds are for home and business owners in Las Vegas. If you are here today seeking assistance, let our team help you out. We offer amazing pest control bird removal and control options to combat these aviary pests. 

Don’t let local fowl foil your good day; call Anderson Pest Control now to discuss your options for high-quality bird control services and find a treatment time that works best for your Las Vegas home or business.