How To Deter Pigeons From Living On Your Las Vegas Property

pigeon in a window

Pigeons are extremely common birds you may already be used to seeing around your Las Vegas property. These birds may seem harmless, but they can cause big problems on your property. Pigeon droppings are known to carry disease, and as if that weren't bad enough, pigeons can damage buildings, cause slip and fall risks, and even destroy electrical equipment such as HVAC components by nesting in them.

Where Do Pigeons Like To Build Their Nests In Las Vegas?

Pigeons may seek shelter in your Las Vegas home in a number of ways. The birds often like to use rooflines, dormers, and window edges to build a home. This pest can nest on any nook, ledge, cliff, or rail, making most surfaces on your home a potential roosting space. Pigeons will often seek space under eaves or overhangs to protect them from some from the weather. Outdoor stairwells, abandoned outbuildings such as a shed or garage, and rain gutters are other common spots for a pigeon to nest.

How Do I Know If I Have A Bird Problem On My Las Vegas Property?

Typically it is not difficult to determine if you have a bird problem on your Las Vegas property. Chances are by now you have noticed them, and they are bothersome in different ways. Pigeons can leave behind unsightly waste, which may also carry disease. The handling of pigeons and their droppings have been tied to diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. 

The birds’ droppings can also release a fungus into the air, which can impact human lungs. While rare, the handling of pigeons themselves can also create exposure to illness, not to mention fleas and mites often carried on their backs. 

Is It Bad To Feed The Pigeons In Las Vegas?

Feeding pigeons will greatly increase the likelihood of these pests coming back. While you are trying to be kind, you are often instead teaching the pigeons that this is a place where they can gain nourishment, which will only have them coming back for more food, more frequently. 

Pigeons also only rely on a few teaspoons of food per day. Humans often overfeed the bird, which will attract larger numbers of pigeons and cause overbreeding and overcrowding. It does not take long before a feeding turns into a major problem for your Las Vegas home and property. Avoid feeding pigeons, so they are not attracted to the spaces.

How Do I Prevent Pigeons From Nesting Around My Las Vegas Property?

You have several options when it comes to ridding your Las Vegas property of pigeons. These pesky flying pests often seek food and shelter on your Vegas property. However, there are thankfully some steps you can take to deter them from sticking around. Try tactics such as:

  • Reflective surfaces: Birds do not like flashing or bright lights, as their eyes cause them to become disoriented via exposure. Old CDs, mirrors, aluminum cans, or reflective tape can cause birds to stay away.
  • Motion-activated sprinklers: Water the lawn and keep pests away in one step. The spray of water will keep pigeons from landing on your property (and the grass gets a healthy drink, too).
  • Call Anderson Pest Control today: The best way to ensure pigeons avoid your Las Vegas home is to contact us at Anderson Pest Control. We can create a unique, effective treatment plan to ensure your home is pest-free. Call us today.