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Helping Your Las Vegas Businesses Find The Right Pest Solutions

How do you find the right solution for your business? The secret is Integrated Pest Management. IPM is accepted as the gold standard by the U.S. government. If IPM is the standard to safeguard America's national treasures, it's good enough for your business. Its focus on environmentally friendly pest control science makes it the perfect choice for schools, nursing homes, and other sensitive settings. If you own or operate a business in need of pest control in the Greater Las Vegas area, we can help you find the right IPM plan to keep your business up to code, pest-free, and on track for success.

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How Integrated Pest Management Can Work For You

Every business needs pest control. While businesses that grow, store, process, ship, sell or prepare food have more to be concerned about, pests can negatively impact any business. When cockroaches get into a rental unit, they can drive tenants out. When pigeons find a roost in a storefront, they can leave waste on the ledges, exterior walls, and sidewalks. When spiders appear in an office space, they can make employees and clients uncomfortable.

The impact of pests can be far-reaching. We address pests before they start causing problems by giving your property long-lasting pest maintenance and treatments to repel and knock down unwanted invaders:

  • We inspect and evaluate properties for pest activity, conducive conditions, and vulnerabilities.
  • We perform pest proofing to seal gaps, cracks, and crevices. Gaps around doors are common entry points. We make sure the weatherstripping on all doors have a working seal.
  • We use natural pest maintenance, such as de webbing, tree trimming, and structural modifications to reduce pest populations and prevent access.
  • We apply a perimeter barrier for added protection against common insect pests.
  • Where needed, we apply high-quality treatments (EPA-approved products to prevent reproduction and development, which will eliminate insect colonies). We take added care when treating around gardens and flower beds.
  • We use environmentally friendly products, such as glue boards and traps, to monitor pest activity, catalog the variety of pests, and monitor success.
  • Our team is available for emergency service when unexpected pest issues arise.

Our approach is always to use natural, smart pest control and pest maintenance first. When these methods and products are combined with a limited and targeted use of EPA-approved pest control materials, the best possible results are achieved. Let our team help you find the right plan for your business. We service many industries in Las Vegas and the surrounding region. We have the experience to provide the pest management your business needs. Smart pests require smart service.

What can you expect during a service visit from your Anderson Pest Control technician? While your pest control will be customized for your business, there are a few things you can expect.


Every visit begins with a detailed inspection. If it is the first visit, your technician will evaluate your property, looking for pest activity, conducive conditions, and openings pests can use to enter structures. During routine visits, your technician will check monitoring devices and make sure everything is going according to plan.


We provide interior treatments as necessary as well as ongoing exterior treatments to create residual protection. An application of EPA-approved products is combined with pest maintenance and pest proofing to provide effective management and prevent pests from entering structures. Treatments also work to knock down targeted insects that present health threats.


When we're not servicing your business, we stand by to give you the support you need. We answer your calls and emails quickly and provide emergency service if pests find a way through your pest control barrier. Most of all, we offer the warranties you need to ensure that you're always covered and protected.



Since 2002, we have been supporting businesses in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Through the years, we have learned what works best for a wide range of industries.

Doctor's Offices

doctor and nurse in hallway
Disease-spreading pests can create a challenge in medical facilities and offices. They pick up harmful bacteria from dirty places and carry these microorganisms to sensitive areas. We provide barrier protection and routine pest maintenance around structures to repel and knock down pests before they get inside and present health risks to staff and patients. If pests ever get in, we apply appropriate control methods to address them effectively.

High-End Business Parks

an office building interior
When insects, spiders, wasps, scorpions, pigeons, rodents, and other pests get into a business that works with high-end technology, they can present a wide range of issues. We support technology businesses by reducing pest populations around structures, sealing entry points, removing access routes, and providing routine treatments to stop insects in their tracks. We know that your employee’s and customer’s safety is your top priority which is why we make it our top priority.

Multi-Family Housing

apartment complex
It is hard to find good tenants. It can be even harder to keep them if you have pest control issues. Every tenant is different. Some have more of a tolerance for pests than others. But when spiders, ants, cockroaches, scorpions, and other pests keep showing up, everyone has their breaking point. Protect your tenants, and your bottom line, with effective pest control service from Anderson Pest Control.


people at government building
No matter your role in government, your municipality can benefit from effective control of rodents, cockroaches, and other harmful pests. We support municipalities with environmentally conscious pest control that meets and exceeds all governmental standards. You don't have to worry about the codes and regulations. We take care of those details so you can stay focused on making our cities and communities the best they can be.

Shopping Complexes

man in retail store
Pests are bad for business. Customers don't want to shop in a store with pests scaling the walls or flying around in the air. But the greatest threats pests present aren't always obvious. Pests can destroy or taint stored items before you're able to sell them. They can cause your employees to be sick, increasing absenteeism. Guard against the expected and unexpected with an effective pest control service.


inside of warehouse
There are many ways pests can create problems in a warehouse environment. Products can be tainted or destroyed. Employees can become sick or demoralized. The appearance of pests can turn a routine audit into a nightmare. We help you get appropriate control of pest pressures with trusted IPM methods so that your business is always up to code and ready for inspection.

Protect Your Las Vegas Business With The Best In Pest Control

Anderson Pest Control offers an unconditional, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! As long as you are an Anderson client you will have the confidence and peace of mind that our team will protect what you value most—family, health and home from unwanted pests. In fact, when you sign a service agreement your pest professional will return as often as needed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

It is easy to get your commercial pest control service started for your North Las Vegas business. Reach out to us today for a site evaluation and a free inspection. We'll guide you in selecting the right services for your business and your industry.


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