Gopher Control Made Simple For Las Vegas Residents

gopher in a hole

Along with mice, rats, squirrels, and others, gophers are rodents belonging to the order Rodentia, a category constituting roughly 40% of all mammals. Across the U.S., approximately 100 different types of gophers exist, with pocket gophers among the most prevalent. Gophers usually range from five to ten inches long, have tan or brown fur, and have long front teeth.

Gophers are primarily solitary creatures that use their short yet strong front legs to excavate soil and create underground tunnels. As vegetarians, gophers consume a diet largely consisting of roots, grass, and shrubs.

Although gophers will create damage to plants, trees, lawns, and gardens in residential settings, they offer some benefits to the natural environment. For example, gopher activity helps break down dead plant material, which returns nutrients to the soil.

Who provides professional gopher control services near me? A Las Vegas pest control company like Anderson Pest Control offers services including rodent and wildlife removal and is among those most knowledgeable regarding professional gopher control.

Signs Of Gophers

If you see a large rodent digging up your yard, chances are, it’s a gopher. However, since they primarily live underground, it can be tricky to catch sight of gophers. With that said, they do leave behind some telltale signs of their presence.

Property owners will often notice that plants or vegetables have fallen over after gophers have eaten the roots or bulbs below. In many cases, vegetation may vanish as gophers pull plants through the soil into their underground tunnels. Look for indicators of gopher activity, including mounds of dirt and paths of elevated surface soil. 

If you notice any signs of gophers, be sure to contact Anderson Pest Control for effective solutions.

How Much Damage Can Gophers Do To A Yard?

Gophers in Las Vegas often damage lawns by digging holes and feeding on the grass. Fortunately, most lawn damage resulting from gophers is repairable. Gophers will also eat and damage ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees. Those growing vegetables might notice a dramatically lower yield as gophers eat away at the root system below. In some cases, tunneling gophers might encounter and damage underground pipes, sprinklers, and cables.

While gophers can cause a significant amount of property damage, it is unlikely that a gopher will behave aggressively or spread diseases that pose human health risks. Still, a gopher infestation in your yard can wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. In the next section, learn which factors can attract gophers to your property.

What Attracts Gophers In Your Yard?

Are you wondering why gophers choose certain yards over others? Some of the primary attractants and favorable property conditions for gophers include:

  • Yards with overgrown weeds or gardens often attract hungry gophers.
  • Gophers prefer yards with sandy soil that allows for easier excavation when forming tunnels. 
  • Often, gophers target yards with a regular water source, such as a birdbath.
  • Gophers may also indicate an issue with bugs, as that’s another food source that will draw them.

Property owners in Las Vegas should acknowledge the aforementioned list of attractants when evaluating preventative gopher control methods. Taking proactive steps that reduce the likelihood of attracting gophers is generally preferable to undertaking reactionary or remedial efforts after gophers invade your property. Are you looking for gopher control in Las Vegas? Anderson Pest Control can help.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Gophers?

Many local homeowners that initially detect gopher activity in their yards try taking matters into their own hands. These individuals often purchase traps and other mass-marketed rodent control products from local home improvement stores or try some rudimentary home remedies for gopher control. Despite proceeding with good intentions, most of these do-it-yourself control options prove ineffective and create prolonged frustration.

The team of qualified rodent control experts with Anderson Pest Control has remained among the leading service providers in the Las Vegas region for more than 20 years now. We use many of the latest products and gopher control methods in the industry today. In addition to gophers, our company also assists local home and business owners with other rodents, including mice, Norway rats, and roof rats.  

We now offer our Gold Service program, a comprehensive, ongoing property protection plan that targets bothersome pests, including ants, cockroaches, rodents, stinging insects, and more. The Gold Service program involves three distinct and critical processes: exclusion, treatment, and follow-up. Keep in mind that we operate in an eco-friendly manner.

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