Six Easy Ways To Prevent Silverfish Infestations On Your Las Vegas Property

a silverfish in a bathroom

How big of a problem are silverfish? Unfortunately, they can be found in just about every Las Vegas neighborhood. They thrive in warm, damp areas typically found inside the home. They have a silver body with a shiny metallic sheen, three pairs of long slender legs, and long antennae to feel their way around in dark spaces.

Silverfish multiply quickly, and if you've ever noticed several silverfish in your home, it's likely because they have reproduced, and there is a thriving colony. They hide inside walls, ceiling cavities, closets, and behind baseboards. Their larvae will burrow in the carpets, rugs, or insulation in the walls or between the floor joists.

Silverfish Are Not Harmful, But They Are Destructive

A small percentage of silverfish can be harmful to people and pets. People with asthma are more susceptible to silverfish infestations. Although they are otherwise harmless to humans, the substance they excrete can be harmful to your belongings if it makes its way into organic materials such as wood, clothes, and upholstery.

Silverfish can make a mess by spreading their droppings all over your property. Their droppings are acidic and can cause rusting on metal surfaces. They can also cause various other damage to your property, such as damage to your furnishings if they do not find the right food source.

Silverfish Are Extremely Difficult To Eliminate

Although they may feed on your food, silverfish typically prefer to feed on dead insects, pet waste, and fungi. They are scavengers and will go after anything organic that they find. Since they multiply quickly, one silverfish in your home quickly leads to many. And it may take multiple treatments to eliminate them.

Factors That Attract Silverfish To Your Home

Lights or any other outside stimuli do not attract silverfish into your home. They are attracted to warm, humid conditions found inside homes and apartments. If one enters your home, the chances of reproduction are very high because they will multiply rapidly in these conditions.

There are factors that can lead Las Vegas properties to be more susceptible to an infestation of these insects, including:

  • Moisture from leaking pipes
  • Moisture from unventilated areas
  • Water leaks near the foundation of your home
  • Clogged gutters allowing rainwater to seep inside

If you have excess moisture and humidity in your home it is important to address it quickly as it will attract silverfish and other pests.

Six Tips To Reduce Factors That Attract Silverfish In Your Las Vegas Home

In general, our homes attract silverfish. They are a natural source of all the things silverfish need including food, water, and shelter. Silverfish can find their way in through holes in the walls, cracks in the foundation, wiring, pipes, outlets, and anywhere else where there is moisture or a food source nearby.

You can deter them with the following steps:

1. Use dehumidifiers where needed

2. Ensure proper ventilation of basements and crawlspace

3. Repair any plumbing leaks

4. Check your gutters and make sure downspouts are working properly

5. Inspect your exterior and seal all entry points

6. Keep your home extremely clean, and do not leave food out overnight

You can deal with them on your own, but it requires a lot of time and effort and is not always successful. For total silverfish control in Las Vegas, contact the professionals at Anderson Pest Control. They will address all of your concerns and figure out the right pest control solution for eliminating the problem.