The Problems Gophers Bring To Your Las Vegas Property

gopher in a yard

Problematic rodents on your property don’t have to be the kind that directly invade structures and walk around out in the open. Unlike mice and rats, other kinds of rodents hide far below ground, proving even tougher to fully eliminate. And rodents like gophers bring many of the same kinds of dangers to your property, plus unique ones, too. That’s why it is important to learn how to prevent and properly react to all types of rodent populations.

What Are Gophers Exactly?

Yes, gophers are rodents, too -- cousins of the mice and rats that tend to pop into mind when people think of a rodent problem. Just like other rodents, gophers have front teeth that never stop growing, which means they must file them down by chewing on hard surfaces. While they are seldom seen wandering around above ground, preferring to stay inside their earthen tunnel systems, it’s important to be able to tell gophers apart from other common rodent species. Here are some traits to look for:

  • Color: Gophers tend to be a light to dark brown color. Since most rodents share these same common coats, this isn’t the only trait you should look for.
  • Size: While there are pocket gophers that can be much smaller, gophers are generally the largest type of invasive rodent species. If you see a wandering pest that looks to be larger than a rat, there’s a good chance it’s a gopher.
  • Snout: Unlike voles, which look a lot like a mouse, or moles that have distinctly long and pointed snouts, gophers have more broad faces and rounded snouts.

What Problems Do Gophers Cause?

While mice and rats can certainly cause damage around a property, gophers pose unique and more far-reaching dangers. Just like other rodents, they are known to carry diseases, as well as parasites like fleas and ticks, which can be spread to people. Additionally, they cause the following damage to yards and infrastructure:

  • Mounds: The most obvious damage caused by gophers is the tearing up of lawns that comes from their constant digging. Gopher holes are a sure way to ruin the health and aesthetic beauty of your yard.
  • Pipes/Sprinklers: Perhaps the most costly type of damage caused by gophers is the ruptured pipes that not only affect your indoor plumbing but can cause flooding, too.
  • Cables: With the adoption of underground fiber optic cables in just about every modern property, gophers can also chew through the wires that deliver you internet access and television.

How To Prevent Gophers (And Other Rodents)

The things you do to protect against surface pests don’t necessarily work to fully prevent subterranean pests like gophers. That said, many of the same considerations are important for preventing rodents of all kinds. Here are some smart steps to take around your property:

  • Trash Storage: Gophers tend to get all their food from the insects and plants they find in soils, they will also be attracted to food waste found in our trash cans. Making sure yours are properly lidded and fully inaccessible is important.
  • Mesh Fencing: Some property owners choose to install mesh fencing around their yard, which is harder for pests to squeeze or chew through.
  • Treatments: The single most effective way to protect your property is with professional treatments. Contact Anderson Pest Control to learn more.

Let Anderson Pest Control Help

All of these realities make a gopher population truly problematic for your Las Vegas property. That’s why, instead of assuming it won’t happen to you, you should contact experts long before rodents can cause damage. At Anderson Pest Control, our thorough inspections can help you rest easy knowing that a trained pair of eyes has determined your level of risk. If problems are spotted, we provide you with advice and direct assistance in addressing them. For rodent protection, you can trust, from mice to gophers and many more, contact Anderson Pest Control today.