Help! I Am Having Scorpion Troubles In Las Vegas

scorpion on a rock

Scorpions are scary-looking creatures. When most people lay their eyes on a scorpion, they are instantly overcome with fear. When you consider that these animals not only have an intimidating appearance but can also give you an extremely painful sting, it is no surprise that this is one of the most feared home-invading pests in Las Vegas. 

At Anderson Pest Control, our Las Vegas pest control specialists have gone through extensive training and have years of experience when it comes to dealing with scorpions. We know how to identify dangerous scorpions, and we also know how to help you make your home less appealing to scorpions to prevent future invasions. 

What's The Most Common Home-Invading Scorpion In Las Vegas?

There are two types of scorpions that are commonly found in and near Las Vegas homes: the Arizona bark scorpion and the desert hairy scorpion. 

The desert hairy scorpion usually has off-white or pale yellow-colored legs, head, and tail. Its abdomen is typically dark brown. They can grow to be around six inches long and have a long segmented tail with a noticeable stinger. Near their head, they have two large pincers and a set of small appendages that look like fangs near their mouth that help them catch their prey. 

The Arizona bark scorpion is much smaller than other scorpions in Las Vegas. This type of scorpion can only grow to be around 2 ½ inches long. They usually have tan bodies with slightly darker-colored abdomens. They have two long pincers in the front, about twice the length of their six short legs. Like the desert hairy scorpion, the Arizona bark scorpion has a segmented tail with a noticeable stinger. The Arizona bark scorpion's color allows it to blend in easily with its surroundings. However, if you shine an ultraviolet light on it at night, its entire body will glow a bright green color. 

The Dangers Of A Scorpion's Sting

If you are stung by a desert hairy scorpion, you could experience numbing, tingling, and severe pain. The venom that they inject is not considered to be dangerous to humans. However, some people are allergic to the desert hairy scorpion's venom. If you start to become dizzy, have shortness of breath, experience extreme swelling, or have any other atypical symptoms, you should go to the emergency room as soon as possible. 

The Arizona bark scorpion, on the other hand, is the most dangerous type of scorpion in Las Vegas. While most people will experience mild or non-life-threatening symptoms from the bark scorpion's sting, their venom can be dangerous, especially to small children or elderly adults. 

Most people stung by scorpions are stung by accidentally coming into contact with one. Scorpions are most active at night, which makes them difficult to see. Also, they like to stay in cool and dark places and will commonly hide under patio furniture, plants, and other large objects that you have around your yard. While scorpions don't tend to be aggressive, they will sting if you startle them. 

Simple And Effective Prevention Tips For Around Your Home

If you want to keep scorpions away from your property and your home, there are a few things that you can try. Some of the most effective and easiest scorpion prevention tips include:

  • Don't place firewood directly on the ground.
  • Don't put stacks of firewood close to your home.
  • Remove any large rocks, leaf piles, or other objects and debris from your yard that could be
  • used as a hiding spot for the scorpions.
  • Seal off any openings around your home that could be used as an entrance.
  • Make sure that there are no holes or gaps in your door and window screens.

Scorpions will come into your yard if they think there is food there. Scorpions eat small insects, like spiders, crickets, and cockroaches. If you want to keep scorpions away from your home, make sure you don't have an insect infestation around your property. 

Contact The Pros For Total Scorpion Control For Your Home

If you see scorpions around your Las Vegas home, don't try to pick them up or remove them. Instead, give us a call. At Anderson Pest Control, we will safely remove the scorpions from your property and prevent any more from coming back in the future. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!