Six Ways To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Las Vegas Property

scorpion with young on its back

Not all pests are harmless critters that simply crawl around your countertops. Some of them can be bad business, like those that carry dangerous venom. Scorpions are a frequently sighted pest in Nevada, so it’s important for every Las Vegas property owner to learn how to prevent them from invading.

Scorpions Are Common

In dry deserts like ours, scorpions aren’t a rare sight. These armored, stinging arachnids can be quite frightening and they make their nests in the loose, dry soils of the Mojave Desert. Scorpions burrow into the ground, creating little dens where they can rest during the day and lay their eggs. While they are mostly outdoor pests, scorpions can wander indoors or be attracted inside like other kinds of pests. Outside, it can be easier to avoid scorpions and their venomous stingers. But when they make it inside homes or businesses, unsuspecting people or pets can easily wander too close and pay the price. While scorpion stings are rarely fatal, they all require medical attention. You don’t want these scary pests nesting around your property, which is why it pays to learn some common sense ways to reduce your likelihood of a scorpion infestation.

Three Ways To Reduce What Attracts Scorpions

There are two different categories of pest prevention. The first requires understanding what attracts scorpions to a property in the first place, that way you can reduce these factors and make your home less of a desirable target:

  1. Moisture: All desert creatures have adapted to become highly capable of tracking down even faint traces of moisture. Proper yard drainage and quick addressing of leaking pipes are crucial.
  2. Darkness: Scorpions are nocturnal hunters, so they look for dark areas to hunker down during the day. This is why things like leaf piles or wood debris around a yard can attract them.
  3. Food: Scorpions eat small insects, so properties with existing pest populations are far more attractive to them. This is why overall pest control is necessary, not a case-by-case approach.

Three Ways To Keep Scorpions Out

The next kind of prevention category is the kind that directly addresses the ways that scorpions invade a yard or structure. Here are three basic ones:

  1. Landscaping: Smart yard planning and maintenance can keep scorpions from having sheltered areas that are too close to your exterior walls. Such areas simply increase your risk of invasion.
  2. Doors: They don’t even have to be open for a scorpion to wander in, as even a small gap underneath a closed-door can provide enough space for them to squeeze through.
  3. Treatments: The most effective way to keep pests out of your yard, and therefore out of your structures, is with seasonal treatments. Contact your local pest control experts to learn more.

The Best Tip? Professional Help

With dangerous pests like scorpions, you don’t want to try dealing with them on your own. Not only can scorpions put you in the emergency room, but at-home methods of removal also aren’t likely to work. Only experts can root out where the scorpions are coming from, which is necessary to make sure the problem doesn’t just come right back. Even if you don’t already have a scorpion problem, expert guidance can help make sure you’re properly keeping up on the prevention measures that keep pests out. Let Anderson Pest Control inspect your property today, making sure scorpions aren’t stalking around your yard. We give you peace of mind, and we can also quickly get rid of existing problems before pests can pose dangers to you and your loved ones. Don’t wait to get started on proper pest control, contact Anderson Pest Control today.