Scorpion Control 101: Handling A Las Vegas Infestation

a striped bark scorpion on wood in a home

If you've seen scorpions in your yard or home, you need to call a Las Vegas Pest Control company like Anderson Pest Control immediately – some species of scorpions pose a serious risk. In this guide, you'll learn about the three types of scorpions you can find in the Las Vegas area, the problems they can cause, how to keep them away from your home, and how to safely get rid of them.

The Types Of Scorpions You Can Find In Las Vegas

There are three types of scorpions in Las Vegas: the Arizona bark scorpion, the desert hairy scorpion, and the striped-tailed scorpion.

The Arizona bark scorpion is 2 to 4 inches long and can be yellowish-brown to tan in color. Like all scorpions, it has eight legs, two claws, and a long, segmented tail with a stinger on the end.

The desert hairy scorpion is the largest scorpion in the U.S., growing up to 5 ½ inches in length. They have yellow legs and dark brown bodies.

The striped-tailed scorpion looks similar to the Arizona bark scorpion, but it can be distinguished by the tan stripes on the back of its tail.

If you see any of these species on your property, you need professional scorpion control in Las Vegas from Anderson Pest Control.

The Issues Scorpions Around Your Home Can Create

The striped-tailed scorpion doesn't cause any risks to humans. Its venom isn't strong enough to have any meaningful effect on mammals. It dines on other scorpions, cockroaches, crickets, and mealworms.

The desert hairy scorpion's sting is stronger, causing pain similar to a bee sting. However, if you're allergic to its venom, you'll need immediate medical treatment because you can quickly develop trouble breathing, severe swelling, and prolonged pain.

The Arizona bark scorpion has the most dangerous sting. Its sting can be fatal if you don't immediately get medical treatment in time. If you're allergic to its venom, you'll experience the same symptoms as with the desert hairy scorpion and should seek care immediately.

How Can I Naturally Keep Scorpions Away From My House?

If you need to know how to keep scorpions away from your Las Vegas home, there are several steps you can take, including:

  • Clear your yard of debris like brush piles, fallen leaves, deadwood, and large rocks to eliminate hiding spots for scorpions.
  • Trim your tree branches so they're not touching your house, giving scorpions a way to cross over into your attic.
  • Clean up food scraps or fallen fruit that may attract the insects scorpions feed on. Put the food into a trash can with a tight-fitting lid to keep the bugs out.
  • Caulk crevices and cracks and close up spaces around your dryer vent or air conditioning ducts to prevent scorpions from entering your house that way.
  • Fix leaky plumbing, including outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems, to deprive scorpions of ready water sources. Also, take pet bowls inside at night to deny scorpions a chance to access that water.
  • Change your outdoor light bulbs from white to yellow since yellow attracts fewer insects that scorpions prey on.
  • Work with a pest control company like Anderson Pest Control to control infestations of insects that scorpions eat, denying them a ready meal source.

Now that you know how to repel Las Vegas scorpions, you need to know how to get rid of those that have already settled on your property.

How Do I Safely Get Rid Of Scorpions On My Property?

You're probably wondering by now, "How do you get rid of scorpions?" The answer is simple: contact Anderson Pest Control today for a free inspection, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Las Vegas. Our pest management professionals are highly trained to remove scorpions from your property safely, giving you peace of mind.