Why You Should Call The Pros About Roaches In Your Las Vegas Home

Close up image of an American cockroach.

How protected are you in your Las Vegas home? Do you have a security system that informs you when someone is at the door? Are your windows and doors well built and equipped with locks? Do you keep a good eye on things to make sure things stay in good working order? If these things are true, then you should be safe from human invaders. However, these strategies do not work to prevent dangerous creatures like cockroaches. To help you understand the many threats these pests pose inside Las Vegas homes and to provide you with some strategies to keep them out, here are some things to consider today.

What Does A Cockroach Look Like?

There are a few different species of cockroaches that live in the Las Vegas area. The three main species are American roaches, Oriental roaches, and German roaches. Identify German roaches by their light brown to tan bodies and the two parallel dark stripes located behind their heads. Identify American roaches by their reddish-brown bodies and the yellow infinity symbol located behind their heads. Finally, identify Oriental cockroaches by their dark black bodies and their lack of symbols or markings.

Where Do Cockroaches Come From?

Cockroaches are initially born from egg casings that contain anywhere from 16 to 50 eggs. Some species of cockroaches, like German roaches, carry their eggs with them until they are ready to hatch. Other species lay their eggs in secluded areas, away from foot traffic. Once hatched, nymph roaches go through three stages of development before reaching adulthood. Unlike many other insects that live in our area that become sexually mature in a matter of days or weeks, cockroaches take nearly five months to fully develop. 

Can Cockroaches Bite?

A cockroach is capable of biting a human, however, they are not likely to do so. Most roaches are skittish and will do everything in their power to avoid interacting with creatures many times larger than themselves. Keeping this in mind, just because roaches won’t bite you, doesn’t mean they are not a threat to your health. Cockroaches are filthy creatures that regularly consume items that are spoiled, dead, and covered in disease-causing organisms. They then spread sickness vectors throughout homes through their fecal droppings, urine, and via their bodies. Some common sicknesses you might contract from these pests are salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis, gastroenteritis, leprosy, and listeriosis.

Strategies To Prevent Cockroaches

Cockroaches are incredibly difficult pests to eliminate. This does not mean there isn’t anything you can do to keep them out of your home. If roaches are not currently causing trouble inside your Las Vegas home, here are some prevention strategies to try today.

  • Keep your living areas clean.
  • Trim your grass and landscaping.
  • Address moisture problems.
  • Store food properly.
  • Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed.
  • Invest in pest-proof trash cans.
  • Reduce the clutter in and around your home.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outdoors.

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches

Of all the pests that live in Las Vegas, cockroaches are among the worst you could find inside your home. To make sure these dangerous and invasive bugs stay outside where they belong, let the home pest control experts at Anderson Pest Control lend you a helping hand. We will evaluate your property and home for areas where cockroaches might be living and causing trouble. We will then put to use advanced control methods to get them out.

Call today to learn more about our cockroach control methods or to find a long-term service plan to keep your Las Vegas home roach-free, year-round.