The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Las Vegas Homes

cockroach on pipe

Cockroaches aren’t just gross to look at, they can even be dangerous to your health and your property. Learning how to keep them out will help you avoid the serious ramifications of a cockroach problem.

Cockroaches Are Incredibly Common

One of the biggest misconceptions about pests is that their activity is obvious. While signs do tend to pile up the longer an infestation is there, the earliest signs of a problem are easy to overlook. Cockroaches especially are good at hiding. They can skitter out of view the moment someone enters a room, and they tend to nest within walls and ventilation shafts where people can’t easily reach. No one should assume they don’t have a cockroach problem. Instead, everyone needs to take steps to avoid an infestation and avoid being complacent when it comes to limiting things that might attract pests.

Not Just Dirty Homes Get Roaches

The other thing to understand about cockroaches is that they are far more common than you might think. With nasty bugs like roaches, people tend to assume that they only invade dirty properties. The truth is that all human homes can attract cockroaches. Anywhere there is human activity, there is also plenty to attract cockroaches. That’s because they are attracted by all of the following:

  • Food: Cockroaches can detect mere traces of food thanks to their antennae, which detect the chemical aromas left behind by our food prep and consumption.
  • Water: Roaches also like moist areas, not only for the necessary water they provide but for the water damage that opens up new access points within our walls and pipes.
  • Shelter: Like many pests, cockroaches are driven to invade our homes to shelter themselves from cold weather. As the weather fluctuates, so does your risk of infestation.

The Dangers Cockroaches Can Cause

While limiting those factors around your home is possible, it’s not like you can simply stop all the kinds of activity that attract cockroaches to your home. Everyone needs to cook from time to time, and it’s not like you can get rid of every source of water or shelter found around your home, either. That’s why professional assistance is the best course of action. Experts can help keep you safe from these real dangers that cockroaches pose:

  • Damage: Cockroaches don’t even need proper food to survive. Some have been known to eat wallpaper and insulation, leading to costly damage around your home. Their streaky bodies and droppings can also cause stains.
  • Disease: The real danger of a cockroach problem is the diseases they may carry. From salmonella to giardia, roaches can introduce some nasty dangers to your property.
  • Population: Where one cockroach can get in, so can many more. And, a single cockroach can lay dozens of eggs, so a small problem quickly turns into a much bigger one.

Don’t Wait To Act, Contact Anderson Pest Control Today

With all these serious problems, not to mention the many things that can attract them to your home, cockroaches aren’t a pest problem you want to wait to act on. Whether a population is already there or if you simply want assistance with inspecting your home for signs of pest activity, the smart thing to do is call the professionals right away. At Anderson Pest Control, our methods work better than the costly and ineffective products you see lining store shelves. Not only can we quickly eliminate cockroaches and other pests from your property, but we can also prevent future infestations with our proven treatments. For cockroach protection, you can rely on, contact Anderson Pest Control today.