Tricks To Keeping Camel Crickets Away From Your Las Vegas Home

camel cricket on a leaf

If you see a camel cricket or two around your Las Vegas home, chances are you want to eliminate this pest before a camel cricket infestation indeed gets started. Learning how to get rid of camel crickets relies on implementing prevention tactics and reaching out to Las Vegas pest control for help.

Why Do I Keep Finding Camel Crickets In My House?

Constantly finding camel crickets in your house means that you have several readily available factors that attract this pest. Camel crickets are known for preferring moist or dark areas, so they are often referred to as cave crickets due to their love of the moisture and darkness in these areas. 

These factors may attract this pest and leave you with a large number of camel crickets in your house:

  • Moisture issues around your property especially leaks in basements and bathrooms
  • Cluttered areas that are dark and generally untouched to hide in
  • A significant number of cracks and gaps in your windows, doors, and the foundation (these let camel crickets inside as they pursue moisture and shelter)
  • Poor ventilation in your home that creates humid areas or poor drainage in your yard that leads to pools of excess water

It is important to note that you can reduce camel crickets around your home by addressing these factors and reducing access to them. This, combined with camel cricket pest control, can help you fight an infestation of this pest.

How Long Do Camel Crickets Live?

Camel crickets have a surprisingly long lifespan, unlike other pests that may invade your home and expire reasonably quickly. They can easily live between one and two years in your home or elsewhere in a safe shelter. This pest does need easy access to water; they will die off very quickly without moisture.

It is also essential that you keep in mind this lifespan when battling a cricket infestation that you need to remove crickets at every point in their life cycle. This will ensure a successful defeat of the infestation and that this pest stays out of your home. Contact Anderson Pest Control for more help with this.

Why Do Camel Crickets Jump At You?

Besides their love of dark, moist places, camel crickets are also well-known for their tendency to jump at any individuals who happen to come across them. For the most part, crickets perform this jumping behavior as a self-defense tactic. They can jump up to three feet high and three feet across, making the distance that this pest can cover in an attempt to scare off predators quite impressive.

How Las Vegas Pest Control Can Help With Camel Cricket Infestations

When it comes to a camel cricket infestation, DIY methods and home remedies are often less effective. You can end up wasting a lot of money and time on store-bought treatments instead of simply reaching out to the most effective way to defeat camel crickets – Anderson Pest Control.

Our specialists at Anderson Pest Control are highly trained and skilled in eliminating pests. Not only will they help inspect your property for areas that camel crickets use to invade your home, but they will also provide you with customized treatment solutions to eliminate this pest.

Reach out to Anderson Pest Control today and benefit from professional camel cricket pest control.