How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Las Vegas Home And Keep Them Out

silverfish crawling on book

Silverfish have an odd appearance that can be alarming at first glance. These little insects will slither into your home, where they can destroy many of your personal belongings. Even though they are small, they can be quite destructive if you have a severe silverfish infestation in your home. 

At Anderson Pest Control, we have provided pest control in Las Vegas for over 20 years. Our experienced team can help you identify and eliminate silverfish in your home. Here is a look at what you need to do at the first sign of a silverfish infestation. 

What Are Silverfish?

Despite their name, silverfish are not aquatic creatures. Instead, silverfish are insects that like to invade homes when they want to find a quick meal or safe shelter. 

Silverfish measure between ½ to ¾ inches long. They have slender bodies shaped like a teardrop and covered in silver metallic scales. There are two long antennae located on top of the silverfish's head. At the rear of its body are three long tail-like appendages that are also used as antennae and help them get a better sense of their surroundings. 

Their six legs are short and unnoticeable at a glance, making them look almost like they are floating across the grown when they walk. They move in a slithering motion resembling how a fish swims through the water. They cannot fly or jump, but they can crawl extremely fast and vertically up most surfaces. 

Silverfish Can Damage Your Belongings

Silverfish have unique appetites. They like to eat any starchy food high in proteins like sugar, grains, and vegetables. However, they also eat a variety of other materials that humans and most animals would not consider to be food.  Silverfish like to eat glue and adhesives and have also been known to eat leather on rare occasions. If you have a silverfish infestation in your home, you will probably notice holes in several objects throughout your house. Some of the different things that silverfish have been known to eat include:

  • Drapes
  • Carpet
  • Stickers
  • Bookbindings
  • Clothing
  • Wallpaper

Even though silverfish are small, they still eat a lot. If you have silverfish in your home, it might seem as if they never stop eating, and you will likely find a different object destroyed by them every day. 

How And Why Silverfish Find Their Way Into Your Home

Silverfish are fast little insects that can slip through the tiniest openings around your home. They use small gaps and tears in window and door screens as entrances in homes. Many people accidentally bring silverfish into their homes when they unknowingly bring silverfish-infested dry food, furniture, or clothing. 

Silverfish prefer to live outdoors, but when the outside temperatures reach below 65° F Fahrenheit, or there is a lack of food and water outside, these sneaky bugs will try to invade your home. Silverfish prefer to live in warm and humid climates, so they are often found in bathrooms, utility rooms, and basements. 

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish And Keep Them Out

It can be extremely frustrating trying to deal with a silverfish infestation on your own. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks that you can try to prevent a silverfish infestation in your Las Vegas home, which include:

  • Use a dehumidifier in your home and make sure that humid rooms are well-ventilated.
  • Store any unused clothing, blankets, and other cloth objects in a vacuum-sealed bag or storage container.
  • Get rid of any unused books and magazines.
  • Store all pantry food in a lockable container.
  • Remove any clutter from your home so that the silverfish don't have anywhere to hide. 

If silverfish have found their way into your home, you will need the help of a professional pest control specialist to get them out of your home. At Anderson Pest Control, we specialize in silverfish control and prevention. We know the best way to stop a silverfish infestation in its tracks, and we also take the extra steps necessary to ensure that the silverfish never return to your Las Vegas home. Give us a call today to get your free quote.