Why Are There Silverfish In My Las Vegas, NV Home?

up close image of a silverfish crawling on a bathroom floor

Have you ever spotted a pest inside your home and thought to yourself, “What is that?” Has this occurrence ever brought you to the internet to find answers? Is that why you are here right now? Assuming that it is, the tiny, silver, fish-like bugs in your Las Vegas home are called silverfish. If you are curious to know why they are in your home (or other things like what problems they cause), here is everything you should know.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are strange-looking insects that regularly invade homes here in Las Vegas. Identify one of these bugs by its silver to brown, ¾ inch-long body, its two straight antennae, and the three tail-like appendages that protrude from its rear. Inside homes, silverfish are drawn to areas high in moisture. You are most likely to find these pests inside your basement, storage areas, or laundry room. You may also find silverfish trying to sneak into boxes of stored food.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

One thing we are regularly asked is: “Are silverfish dangerous?” Thankfully, they are not. These tiny insects are mostly nuisance pests and are not known to bite, sting, or spread any forms of harmful disease.

Do Silverfish Damage Property?

Apart from annoying homeowners, silverfish also damage property. These small, voracious bugs will nibble on things like drapes, carpets, and clothing. One sign we use to identify silverfish inside living areas is holes chewed through articles of clothing. These pests especially love consuming silk and cotton. 

How Do Silverfish Get Into Homes?

Silverfish get into homes in a variety of ways. These pests find their way indoors by crawling through gaps and cracks found in the exterior foundations of homes. They also get in through spacing around window/door frames, utility piping, and wires. If a home’s exterior is sealed up like a fort, silverfish might find their way inside in other ways. One strategy these pests use involves hiding inside storage boxes. If you have an outdoor storage area like a garage or shed, these pests might invade these outbuildings and look for cozy boxes to hide inside. As harmless as this may seem, this could mean trouble for you in the future.

What Should You Be Doing To Prevent Silverfish?

There are two things you should be doing to prevent silverfish. The first is to reduce factors that draw them in. The second thing is to seal your home’s exterior so that there is no easy way for these bugs to crawl inside on their own. To break these prevention steps down further for you, here are some helpful tips and tricks you should use

  • Locate and seal off cracks, holes, and gaps in your home’s exterior foundation and spacing around door/window frames.
  • Make sure all of your exterior doors are equipped with door sweeps.
  • Thoroughly check storage boxes before carrying them into your home.
  • Store items inside tightly sealed plastic totes.
  • Address moisture issues in and around your home by eliminating sources of water build-up, using a dehumidifier indoors, and fixing leaks.

Does Professional Pest Control Help With Silverfish?

Professional pest control is the absolute best way to handle invasive silverfish. Do not hesitate to get our team involved if you think these pests are crawling around inside your Las Vegas home. At Anderson Pest Control, we work fast to identify, eliminate, and control problematic area pests and would be happy to put our experience to work for you.

Contact our team today to learn more about our home pest control methods and find a time to have your Las Vegas home treated for silverfish.