How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Vegas Home

mouse in a pantry

The common house mouse is a problem throughout homes in the United States, and residents of Las Vegas know this all too well. These pests create a costly and dangerous risk to your family, not to mention your home. From disease exposure to structural damages, mice can wreak havoc on a Vegas home. At Anderson Pest Control, we don’t want you to handle this burden alone. We have tested methods to rid your Vegas home of mice, and it won’t take much more effort than a phone call to get it off your mind. Your home should be a safe and calming space. You don’t want mice or any other pests to interrupt that tranquility. 

Identifying a Mouse Problem In Your Las Vegas House

How do you know that there is a mouse in your Las Vegas house? Typically, there will be many signs of this common household pest. Mice will leave evidence in the form of:

  • Mice droppings: These are typically dark brown to black pellets, similar in size and shape to that of a grain of rice.
     Gnawed materials: Mice are often trying to gain access to shelter and food inside your Vegas home. Chewed materials like cardboard food boxes is a common sign.
  • Structural damages: If you see signs of chewed wires, drywall, or soft housing materials, your house may be home to a mouse.
  • Nesting materials: Balled soft materials such as clothing scraps, insulation, foam, or cotton can often be seen where mice create their nests.
  • Visual confirmation: If you have seen a small rodent scurry across your floors, don’t assume he is alone. Where one mouse is seen, there are often far more nearby.

The Diseases Spread By Mice In Las Vegas 

Mice are not just an annoyance, eating your snacks and chewing your materials. These furry pests are also the carriers of many diseases. The common house mouse has been known to carry leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), tularemia, and salmonellosis, which are all diseases harmful to humans. Additionally, a house mouse can carry fleas on its back, exposing your Las Vegas home to far more dangers and frustrations.

Why Mouse Traps In Las Vegas Homes Don't Work

Trapping a single mouse is often a futile attempt to rid your Las Vegas home of mice once and for all. Where there is one mouse, there are typically many, so for starters, this type of elimination can be slow and ineffective. 

By the time you catch one single mouse, that house mouse may have already nested and bred a completely new litter of babies. Mice can breed 10 times in one single year, often having anywhere from three to 14 pups in a single litter. While living outside, mice may tend to keep more to themselves, but once inside your Las Vegas home, a house mouse will typically reside in a group. This means that single mouse you’ve trapped likely had others living with it nearby.

Additionally, setting traps yourself forces you to handle the mouse’s body, putting you at greater risk of exposure to disease. A trap can cause the animal’s neck to break and potentially bleed. This creates a dirty and harmful mess no Vegas homeowner should have to handle.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Mice In Your Las Vegas Home

The easiest and best way to rid your Las Vegas home of mice is to give us a call at Anderson Pest Control. Our experienced professionals know how to safely and thoroughly remove pests from your home with years of know-how. Don’t go it alone when trying to get rid of mice. Give Anderson Pest Control a call, and we will investigate your property and home, create a comprehensive treatment plan, and continue with routine follow-ups to be sure you are satisfied with our results. Call Anderson Pest Control and say goodbye to the risks and dangers, not to mention potentially costly repairs, a mouse can cause.