Are The Pigeons In Las Vegas Dangerous?

A pigeon standing in a yard.

Pigeons are strange creatures that elicit a lot of different responses from people. If they have ever stolen a piece of food from your plate while you weren’t looking, you may have felt frustrated with them. If you saw one activate a motion-activated door and walk through it, you might have been impressed by them. If you have been noticing these birds around your Las Vegas home or business in large numbers, you should start to feel concerned about them. If concern is not the first emotion you feel when pigeons are around, here are some things you should know about the dangers these pest birds pose.

How Pigeons Spread Disease

Some birds eat berries and nuts, others consume meat. Some species that live in our area will eat just about anything. This includes pigeons. Some people liken these foul pests to rodents because of the way they consume trash and other dirty items. This type of behavior is just one way that pigeons pick up disease-causing organisms. They spread these sickness vectors mainly through their fecal droppings. These droppings are most commonly found on outdoor tables, sidewalks, and around areas where pigeons are living such as inside attics or on platforms under the eaves of buildings. 

If pigeons have taken up residence in your attic spaces, it won’t take long for their droppings to seep into the floor and for sickness-causing organisms to be picked up into your ventilation. These organisms can spread sicknesses like E. coli, salmonellosis, and candidiasis.

To make things worse, pigeons can also carry parasitic pests like fleas, mites, and ticks. When these blood-feeding pests get into homes and businesses, they hop off pigeons and start causing trouble for people and pets. Some diseases you might contract from these parasitic bugs are Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, murine typhus, the plague, and rickettsialpox. 

Businesses That Should Be Worried About Pigeons

If you own or operate a business that sells food, you have good reason to be concerned about pigeons. You should be even more concerned if you offer outdoor seating for your customers. These problematic birds love spending time around areas where they can find food and will cover outdoor seating and dining areas with their fecal droppings if they are sheltering nearby.

The Difficulties In Preventing Pigeons

The best way to keep pigeons off your property is to remove everything that might attract them. This is easier said than done. Pigeons are always looking for places to shelter through cold nights and for easily accessible snacks. If your home or business provides these pests with places to hide and available food nearby to feast on, they will stick around. To make things worse, pigeons are intelligent creatures. They are not scared away by noise, light, or smell-based deterrents for very long and will adapt to understand when something does or does not mean them actual harm.

Why Profesional Control Is A Great Solution To Pigeon Problems

If you need pigeons off your Las Vegas property, you need to invest in quality control services provided by Anderson Pest Control. We understand these invasive birds and how dangerous they are. Using advanced control methods, we will retrofit your home or business building to be uncomfortable for pigeons trying to establish themselves. We will also advise you on strategies you can use to deter these pests from flying onto your property at any point.

Give our team a call now to learn more about our bird-control options or to have your questions about pigeons answered by one of our friendly pest control representatives. We can help!