How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Problem In Your Las Vegas Home

american cockroach on food in kitchen

Cockroaches are frequent home-invading pests in Las Vegas, Nevada, and there are many things you might not know about them. While no one wants to find these creatures in their home, they aren’t just gross to look at. Cockroaches are known for being unsanitary and for spreading many serious illnesses.

Because of this, it’s important to know how to identify cockroaches and to remove any infestations as quickly as possible. However, a cockroach infestation can be inside your home for months before you even realize it if you don’t know the signs to look out for.

While many people assume they will just see cockroaches right away, the truth is that cockroaches are uniquely adapted for survival. They are experts at remaining hidden and can hide in many tiny areas. Often they remain unseen until their population grows to the point that their hiding spots are overcrowded, so there are other things to be on the lookout for first.

What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

There are thousands of cockroach species in the world, but there are only a few that are common in Las Vegas. The largest is the American cockroach which can get three inches long and is a reddish-brown color. The most common is the German cockroach which is a tan color with two black stripes behind its head and typically grows to about half an inch in length.

While cockroaches species vary slightly in appearance and coloration, they do share some things in common. They all have long, oval-shaped bodies, six legs, and wings that lie flat on their backs.

The Five Main Signs Of A Cockroach Infestation

Because cockroaches are mainly attracted to humid places that give them quick and easy access to foods, they often hide near kitchen areas and sometimes bathrooms and basements. So, it’s a good idea to pay extra attention to these areas when looking out for signs of cockroaches, including:

  1. A musty odor that you haven’t noticed before
  2. Shed cockroach skins near baseboards or appliances
  3. Egg casings left behind on flooring. These can range in color from white to dark brown.
  4. Brown smear marks on walls and baseboards
  5. Cockroach droppings which look like pepper or coffee grounds

Just How Dangerous Are Cockroaches?

While most people know cockroaches can be hard to get rid of, many are not aware of the full extent of the dangers of a cockroach infestation. They are resistant to many insecticides and can even live for weeks without their heads. On top of that, they can hide in many areas making it difficult to remove every single one.

The main issue with cockroach infestations is the dangers they pose. Cockroaches can spread diseases including E. coli, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, and many more. And, they can also cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions for some people.

Because of these risks, it’s important to take steps ahead of time to keep cockroaches from getting inside your home. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And, if you already have an infestation, the best thing to do is get professional assistance right away.

How To Remove Cockroaches

If you have noticed any of the signs of cockroaches mentioned in this article, the best way to protect your home and family is by calling the experts at Anderson Pest Control. We have the tools necessary to swiftly remove any cockroach infestation, and we can also provide residential pest control plans to keep them from coming back.

Learn more about our total cockroach control options, and request a free estimate, by contacting us at (702) 356-0183. We can’t wait to hear from you!