What You Need To Know About The Olive Trees In Las Vegas

olive tree branches

Having a variety of trees in your yard can be beneficial. Improving soil quality, providing shade, and creating a privacy barrier are just a few benefits of planting trees around your house. However, not all trees are good to have around your home. In fact, some trees are so harmful that residents in Clark County are not allowed to plant them. 

If you have olive trees growing in your yard, we can help. At Anderson Pest Control, in addition to providing pest control in Las Vegas, we are also landscape experts and know how to get rid of olive trees in your yard. 

How Olive Trees Found Their Way Into Las Vegas's Landscape

The Russian olive is the most popular olive tree in Nevada. This tree first made its way to the state back in the early 1900s. Many people liked the olive tree because it had long, full branches that could block heavy winds. They are also known to have small, silver leaves that help to enhance your yard's appearance. 

Olive trees thrive in almost any type of climate. They can handle extremely hot temperatures and do not require much water to survive. They produce weeds and long roots, which makes them somewhat invasive. Throughout the years, the olive tree has spread throughout Nevada and other states and is common in several areas in the western part of the country.

Birds are the primary animals that enjoy feasting on the olive tree's fruit. They will eat the olive and usually discard the pit, or seed. If a bird dumps the olive pit in your yard, it could produce trees. This method is the most common way people find olive trees in their yards without planting them. 

About The Olive Tree Ban In Clark County

While there are some benefits to having olive trees around your property, there are also several disadvantages to having them planted nearby. Some of the most common reasons why homeowners want to get rid of their olive trees include the following:

  • Fallen fruits can stain your yard, driveway, and other areas.
  • The fruits on the tree attract unwanted animals to your property.
  • Olive trees can steal water and nutrients from other nearby plants.

Fruit-bearing olive trees also produce a large amount of pollen. These trees play such a prominent role in creating severe allergy symptoms in many people that Clark County officials banned any flowering olive trees in 1991. Today, the ban is still active for both homes and businesses.

What To Do About Olive Trees On Your Property

If you have one or more European olive trees on your property, you need to come up with a tree removal solution as soon as possible. Pruning the tree will not be enough; you must remove the entire tree, including stumps and roots, from your property. 

Contact The Professionals For The Best Olive Tree Services

In Clark County, having a fruit-producing olive tree on your property is illegal. If you have these trees growing around your home, you should have them removed as soon as possible. If you do not have experience in tree removal, it can be hazardous to complete this task on your own.

At Anderson Pest Control, we provide comprehensive tree removal services in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We can safely remove your olive tree from your property while keeping your landscape intact. Give us a call today for a free quote!