Are Boxelder Bugs In Las Vegas Staining Your Furniture?

boxelder bug on a tree

Boxelder bugs are commonly a nuisance pest in the Las Vegas area and can leave behind damage on interior surfaces and in your yard. To understand how to get rid of boxelder bugs for good, you should be reaching out to pest control in Las Vegas at the first sign of a boxelder bug infestation.

How Do Boxelder Bugs Stain Furniture?

Once they get inside your home, boxelder bugs will be found in a group on warm areas such as sun-facing windows and doors. As they gather in these areas and even expand to warm areas on furniture, walls, or carpeting, boxelder bugs will leave behind droppings that range in color from yellow to more brown and grey. This can create serious damage as a large number of bugs in your home will likely lead to a large number of droppings all over the place. 

Additionally, when boxelder bugs are crushed or killed in your home, you may find staining on furniture and an unpleasant odor. Only proper boxelder bug control can ensure that this pest doesn’t stain all areas of your property.

The Life Cycle Of The Boxelder Bug 

Boxelder bugs have a fairly simple life cycle that develops in three stages – egg, nymph, and adult. Eggs are typically laid on boxelder trees, so this bug has its name, but other host trees may also be an option. From there, the egg hatches into nymphs after ten to fourteen days and goes through several molts over the summer season as they grow into adults.

Adults will overwinter and hibernate in warm, sheltered areas (such as your home) and emerge in the spring around the same time boxelder trees begin to bloom. The adults will then find their way to these trees and remain there through the spring, continuing on the life cycle.

When Are Boxelder Bugs The Most Active?

Boxelder bugs will be the most active in spring when they emerge from hibernation. Still, you may also encounter a significant amount of boxelder bugs around your property during the overwintering season. This is because the boxelder bugs will actively try to invade your property around this time and will want to live in the warm areas of your home.

How To Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs For Good

Learning how to eliminate boxelder bugs involves implementing careful prevention tactics such as:

  • Removing boxelder trees on your property, especially if they are close to your home, as this is where boxelder bugs primarily live.
  • Sealing up potential entry points around your home this pest may use to get inside, such as gaps in windows, doors, and your home’s foundation. Also, put window and door screens into place.
  • Clearing your yard of debris, keeping the grass trimmed low, and trimming back overhanging foliage to stop boxelder bugs from crossing from trees right onto your home.
  • Vacuuming up any boxelder bugs that have infiltrated your home as this stops an infestation from growing out of control and  helps to keep the staining this bug leaves behind to a minimum until the professionals assist you.

Additionally, getting rid of boxelder bugs that are active on your property or in your home requires a call to Anderson Pest Control. Only our professionals can help you effectively eliminate any boxelder bug infestation in your home so you can experience peace of mind and reduced staining on your furniture.