The Dangers Rodents Bring To Las Vegas Properties

mouse on wood

Rodents are creepy, destructive, and extremely gross. We all know this is true, so why do we keep dismissing them as harmless mammals that freeload from our homes and businesses? In Las Vegas, rodents are a fairly regular sight around the city. From Norway rats and field mice to roof rats and house mice, the 'City Of Meadows' is filled to the brim with rodents of all sorts. Let's take a closer look at some of the most offending species below. 

Norway Rats

The largest rodent species on this list, Norway rats are over 12 inches long from tail to tip.

Roof Rats

Slightly smaller and a good deal lighter, roof rats use rooftops and electrical poles to hop into windows and down HVAC systems.

Field Mice

These tiny creatures differ from rats by their furry tails and pale underbellies. They are known to enter homes and businesses during cool weather.

House Mice

Usually a solid color from top to bottom, house mice break into pantries and closets in an attempt to feed on available grains.

Rodents such as the species listed above are extremely common in our beloved city. However, this should not (and does not) make them any less dangerous to residential and commercial property owners in Las Vegas. In fact, they may just be some of the most dangerous pest mammals in the modern era.

Some Dangerous Truths About Dangerous Rodents

Let's play a quick game of fact and fiction – pest control style, of course!

  • Fiction: Rodents are too small to cause any major gnawing damage.
    Fact: A rodent's teeth are always growing, which means that they must constantly chew or gnaw on something to keep them short. As you might imagine, rodents make quick work of chewing through clothing, wiring, and even metal piping. Some rodents have been known to bite through concrete if desperate enough!
  • Fiction: Rodents can only spread diseases through physical contact. If you aren't bitten or scratched, you'll be fine.
    Fact: Rodents are host to over 33 different illnesses and diseases, ranging from mild to severe to even chronic. Many of these illnesses require medical treatment to heal properly or even hospitalization in serious cases. Rodents contaminate food and surfaces and leave behind excrement. Even a dead rodent can be infectious for several days.
  • Fiction: Rodents can't get into homes that have only very small entry points.
    Fact: Rats and mice can fit through holes the size of a quarter or less, which all but endangers every single home and business in Las Vegas. Don't allow any rodents to gain access to your property. Use proper prevention steps around the building for an expert level of protection.

Rodents could already be inside your home, although there is no way of knowing without a proper pest inspection. Get all the info you need with some guaranteed results and a rodent inspection from Anderson Pest Control.

How Anderson Pest Control Keeps You Safe

If rodents could soon be or already are becoming a problem around your Las Vegas property, you will need to put a stop to it – and fast. DIY pest control remedies and over-the-counter products will be too little too late. That's why the safest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to deal with rodent infestations is to call in the experts at Anderson Pest Control.

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