Spider Prevention Tips For Your Las Vegas Home

A house spider on the floor.

The desert climate can attract all kinds of creatures, like spiders. Nevada homeowners looking to fend off these arachnids can take a few preventative measures. Are you seeking spider prevention tips for your Las Vegas home? Our experienced technicians at Anderson Pest Control listen to clients’ needs and provide customized solutions.

Spiders Commonly Found In Las Vegas

Many spiders can be found within Nevada, but only a few can be seen as often as every day in Las Vegas. While not a welcome sight in the home, most of these arachnids are relatively harmless.

  • Desert Tarantula: The large leg span of this hairy spider can measure up to an impressive four inches. This species tries to avoid humans. Main habitats are on trails and rock formations, but the occasional tarantula may find its way indoors.  
  • House Spider: As its name suggests, this brown spider is commonly found in homes. These spiders are busy web makers, and their handiwork can be visible even in homes that are relatively clean.
  • Western Black Widow: Watch out for the females of this species that can inflict a painful bite. The women widows are shiny black with a brightly-colored hourglass design featured on their bellies. Males usually exhibit shades of brown with an orange-yellow hourglass pattern and are smaller than females.
  • Wolf Spider: This hairy spider usually sports lighter markings atop a dark brown base. These guys can alarm homeowners due to the rapid speed at which they move.    

Pest Prevention Tips To Deter Spiders

Keep spiders out of the home by cutting off their food supply. Overall, pest control methods can pay off when deterring arachnids.

  • Clean: Keep crumbs to a minimum. Sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly. Wipe food prep areas frequently.
  • Declutter: Stick to a schedule to remove clutter from the property. Concentrate efforts in the garage, crawl space, attic, and basement.
  • Dispose Of Garbage Regularly: Gather household trash and habitually dispose into the outside receptacle with a lid that shuts firmly.
  • Focus On Moist Areas: Repair any leaks or drips around the property, as these are common attractants of spiders’ prey, especially in the desert.
  • Store Food Properly: Empty food items into locking canisters to deny bugs access, thus helping deter spiders.

Additional Spider Prevention Tips For Your Las Vegas Home

Controlling spiders’ prey is one way to discourage this arachnid, but homeowners can use a few more helpful methods. 

  • Address Wood Storage: When storing firewood (even outside of the home), keeping it away from the primary residence is vital. Stow wood at least 20 feet from the dwelling to help prevent easy inside access for spiders.
  • Deny Entrance: Walk around the premises and search for possible home entry points: cracks, gaps, and holes outside the structure. Consider placing glue traps around suspected passageways, then check the traps after some time to see which places need to be sealed up with caulk. Pay close attention to windows and doors. Install door sweeps if none are currently being used. Install window screens that fit correctly; ensure they have not been compromised and repair as necessary.
  • Stay On Top Of Web Removal: Keep things tidy in and around the house. Promptly remove webs as soon as they appear so spiders may find it easier to move out and make their homes in a more stable environment. 

Controlling Spiders

Put spider prevention tips for your Las Vegas home into play to keep these pests at bay. Prefer to call the pest control professionals? Contact our experts at Anderson Pest Control for expert advice or beneficial assistance in spider removal.