House Spiders In Las Vegas: The Trick To Keeping Them Out

spider in a basement

They are creepy and crawly, found lurking in dark spaces. Spiders in your Las Vegas home are unwanted guests. Anderson Pest Control knows all too well the frustrations and dangers spiders can bring to you. Thankfully, we have comprehensive treatment plans to be sure spiders don’t threaten you or your family any longer.

Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Las Vegas Home

There are many types of spiders in Las Vegas. If you have found spiders in your home, you’re likely concerned. From those that just creep us out to those that can cause potentially fatal outcomes, it is important to know just what types of spiders are in your Las Vegas home. Typical varieties of spiders in the area include:

  • Black widows
  • Cellar spiders
  • Desert brown recluse spiders
  • Desert tarantula
  • Domestic house spider
  • False black widows
  • Giant house spider
  • Hobo spiders
  • Daddy long-legs/Harvest spiders
  • Orb spiders

Our professionals can help you identify your precise problem and come up with comprehensive treatment plans to ensure the safety of you and yours.

What Attracts Spiders To Your Las Vegas Home

Like most pests, spiders in your Las Vegas home are looking for food, water, and shelter. With a dry, arid climate, there is a need to take shelter where they can find water. Spiders in your Las Vegas home will often take to spaces like a basement, crawl space, or under sinks and faucets. Spiders are also attracted to quiet and hidden spaces, where humans are often not. Corners, clutter, and mess can attract spiders, offering them many hiding places. They are seeking a space to survive, so preventing access to those needs is crucial.

Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Las Vegas Homes

To truly rid your home of spiders, we at Anderson Pest Control can provide thorough inspection, treatment plan, and routine follow-up. However, there are some methods you can try at home to prevent spiders.

Methods that effectively spiders from moving into your Las Vegas include:

  • Remove the presence of webs from all spaces, especially corners or seldom-used nooks.
  • Peppermint oil is a deterrent to spiders; placing it around the home can prevent them from entering in the first place.
  • Install screens and coverings over easily accessed spaces such as windows, doors, and vents.
  • Keep your space tidy, and free of debris; routinely clear out unused items or clutter.

The Best Way To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Las Vegas Home

Keeping spiders out of your Las Vegas home is best left to the professionals. From identifying the deadliest pests to ridding you of the skin-crawling anxiety that a spider infestation can bring, we at Anderson Pest Control know you prefer a pest-free home, and we aim to deliver. With one quick phone call, we can schedule an inspection of your Las Vegas area home. This will allow our experts to tailor a plan specific to your needs, and treat your home in the best way possible. Don’t let the thought of spiders keep you up at night. Call Anderson Pest Control, and we will take care of everything from there.