Weed Wars: Your Ultimate Guide To Effective Weed Control In Las Vegas

October 13, 2023

While Las Vegas may have a reputation for glitz and glamour, many homes of all different shapes and sizes are scattered throughout the city, the suburbs, and outside the city limits in rural areas. While the size and shape of homes may differ, each has a lawn that sometimes needs assistance controlling weeds in Las Vegas.

broadleaf weeds

Common Types Of Weeds: How To Identify Them

If you’re like most people, identifying weeds in Las Vegas can present significant challenges. Most folks don’t know they have a weed problem until their otherwise healthy lawn starts looking drab and dull. Broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds are common troublemakers for Las Vegas lawns.

Broadleaf weeds get their name from their broad leaves, which helps in making identification easier for people. Some typical broadleaf weeds in the area include thistles, dandelions, and clover. 

Weeds in yards with a “spiky” appearance that produce pink or purple flowers typically fall into the thistle category. Dandelions are the more familiar weed; they have feathery white seeds that kids love to blow. Their bright yellow flowers often overtake lawns. Clover typically has three leaf combinations (unless you get lucky and find four) and can produce little white or pink flowers. In addition to broadleaf weeds, Las Vegas has to deal with grassy weeds.

Grassy weeds are tough to identify because they often blend with healthy grass. One way to identify grassy weeds is that they typically grow higher than good grass; their leaves also tend to be narrower. Some grassy weeds in Las Vegas include quackgrass, crabgrass, and foxtail. Quackgrass leaves are long and thin, and their seeds are said to resemble wheat tassels. On the flip side, crabgrass has broader leaves; its seed head resembles four fingers or crab legs. Foxtail has long stems, and their seed heads resemble a bushy, fluffy fox tail.

To the untrained eye, weeds can blend right in with healthy grass. Unless homeowners are on constant guard, weeds can soon overtake lawns, leaving them damaged and dull. At Anderson Pest Control, our lawn care specialists can quickly identify damaging weeds and incorporate professional lawn weed control practices that will soon have your lawn thriving again.

The Risks Of Uncontrolled Weeds: The Damage To Your Lawn’s Health

Keeping lawns healthy can seem like a never-ending struggle. Unfortunately, weeds are a part of nature, making lawn care and weed control a yearly challenge. Weeds are hardy plants that, if left uncontrolled, will cause substantial harm to lawns.

Weeds are bullies and highly competitive; their root systems swiftly spread, allowing them to steal water, sunlight, and valuable nutrients from good grass. They also contribute to foliage diseases and reduce good air circulation around homes.

Invading weeds grow fast, which means they will quickly outpace the growth of good grass in yards. When weeds are left to grow uninhibited, they will choke the life out of healthy grass.

To stop weeds from taking control of your Las Vegas lawn, it’s always best to partner with a lawn care specialist like Anderson Pest Control.

Preventing Weeds From Taking Over Your Lawn: Tips And Tricks

When you own a home, weeds come with the territory; however, homeowners can help stop weeds from taking root. Homeowners who incorporate some easy lawn tips and tricks can make great strides in eliminating weeds in Las Vegas.

Five ways to help prevent weeds in lawns include:

  1. Don’t allow thatch (dead roots, grass clippings, and stems) to accumulate on healthy grass.
  2. Don’t overwater lawns.
  3. Use the right amount of fertilizer.
  4. Aerate compacted soil.
  5. Mow grass to the correct height (2 to 4 inches high).

Lawn maintenance is not for the faint of heart; partnering with a lawn care specialist like Anderson Pest Control is essential. We’ve got the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide successful weed control services.

Professional Weed Control: Enhancing The Health Of Your Lawn

Using the services of a professional weed control company like Anderson Pest Control can help ensure lawns stay lush and green. Established in 2002, our family-owned company has provided residents of Las Vegas with exceptional lawn care services that always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Contact Anderson Pest Control today to learn more about our seasonal weed control services along with our residential pest control and commercial pest control services in Las Vegas.

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