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Are The Wasps In Las Vegas Easy To Deter?

a bald faced hornet crawling on wood

Wasps send more than half a million people to the emergency room every year, and that could very easily be you. Here are some important things to know about these stinging insects so you can better… Read More

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Vegas Home

mouse in a pantry

The household cat can’t do it alone. If you have evidence of a mouse in your Las Vegas house, trust the pros at Anderson Pest Control to get the job done for you. Give the cat a vacation. We’ve… Read More

House Spiders In Las Vegas: The Trick To Keeping Them Out

spider in a basement

Creepy crawly spiders shouldn’t be a problem in your Las Vegas home. Let us at Anderson Pest Control keep your home pest-free for good with tried and true methods.  Read More

How To Deter Pigeons From Living On Your Las Vegas Property

pigeon in a window

Pigeons can create unsightly and potentially dangerous problems for the Las Vegas home or business owner. Anderson Pest Control offers unique treatment plans to rid your home of these pests for… Read More

Why Are The Cockroaches In Las Vegas So Hard To Get Rid Of?

cockroach in a kitchen

If the idea of cockroaches in your Las Vegas home makes your skin crawl, don’t wait to get them out. These pests aren't just unsightly, but can also carry disease into your home. Learn more about… Read More

How To Deter Scorpions From Your Las Vegas Property

a bark scorpion crawling on landscape

Scorpions in Las Vegas are sneaky creatures that can pinch or sting you. To dodge them, you’ll need to learn about deterrence measures. Protecting your well-being and that of others will make… Read More


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