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What Every Las Vegas Resident Should Know About Silverfish

silverfish in house

Silverfish are strange-looking insects that can get into homes and businesses around Las Vegas, Nevada. Discover how to identify and prevent these pests by reading on.  Read More

Why Rats Are Dangerous To Have In Your Las Vegas Home

A black rat on a pallet.

Rats are dangerous to have in your Las Vegas home. Call Anderson Pest Control today; we are skilled in successfully tackling rats. Read More

Protect Your Las Vegas Home From Pigeons

A pigeon standing in leaves.

Do you know how to protect your home from pigeons? Contact Anderson Pest Control for the answer. Read More

Spider Prevention Tips For Your Las Vegas Home

A house spider on the floor.

Seeking spider prevention tips for your Las Vegas home? Contact our experts at Anderson Pest Control for expert advice or beneficial assistance in spider removal. Read More

Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Las Vegas Home This Holiday Season

bed bug image

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate from your Las Vegas home. Here are some tips to prevent bed bugs and the only tried and true method to keep them out for good! Read More

How To Prevent Cockroaches In Las Vegas

American cockroach on a sneaker.

Does anyone think pleasant thoughts about cockroaches? Just the thought of seeing one skittering across the floor of your Las Vegas home can send chills down your spine. Read More


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