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While it has one of the more unique names in Nevada State, McCullough Hills is also one of the most popular cities in the area. There’s no sense denying it: people just love what it’s like to live, work, and play here at the heart of the city! McCullough Hills means many things to many people. Thousands of unique residents use this city as a bedroom community, a home base, and a vacation destination for their families. With activities only a few miles away, there’s no limit to how much fun you could have! Of course, this also means there’s no limit to pest activity, either. Surrounded by pests of varying severity, the residents of McCullough Hills are at an increased risk of attack by insects, mammals, and wildlife species.

Proper protection programs must be in place to ensure no pests are encroaching on residential and commercial facilities. Done incorrectly, pests could jeopardize many things that McCullough Hills residents know and love. The crew at Anderson Pest Control is proud to be a leading pest control provider for the McCullough Hills area, supplying over 20 years of professional experience. We have dealt with some of the area’s worst pest infestations, and are passionate about keeping properties pest-free through any means possible. Learn more about what we can do for you by submitting an online contact form as soon as possible. 

Home Pest Control In McCullough Hills, NV

Residential pests lead to residential disasters. From property damage to food contamination, insects or pest mammals inside the home could create massive problems that put you and your family in danger. Financial responsibilities may become overwhelming, as well as any physical injuries or illnesses. Finally, your emotional state could be extremely dampened by the presence of harmful creatures.

At Anderson Pest Control, we strive to create safe, clean, pest-free environments for all McCullough Hills homeowners to enjoy. We have been combining unique treatment options with outstanding service since 2002, and are proud to maintain a deep commitment to our friends and neighbors. We follow a three-step residential pest control process:

1. We perform an initial pest inspection that looks over your home for any signs of damage, infestation, or initial entry.

2. We discuss our findings with you at length, and together come up with an informed plan of action.

3. We ensure that our treatments complete the task by returning to your property. If there are still signs of a pest presence around the home, we will be happy to retreat free!

Call the McCullough Hills office of Anderson Pest Control for more information about our residential pest control plans. 

Do you have rodent issues in your home?

There’s no way to tell when rodents might strike your McCullough Hills home. Creatures like rats and mice can operate year-round and may enter your building at any time. Once inside, these pests can create severe damage. The consumption of food, the contamination of surfaces, and the spread of disease are only a few of their problems.

Here’s how to prevent rodents from destroying your McCullough Hills home:

  • Eliminate all entry points with waterproof caulking
  • Reduce accessible food and water sources
  • Invest in ongoing rodent control efforts with Anderson Pest Control

Inquire about rodent control services from Anderson Pest Control by calling, clicking, or visiting with us today.

Stinging insects like wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets can create infestations almost everywhere they go. Both commercial and residential facilities can develop unexpected hives, and suffer the consequences as well. Stings from these insects have been known to be fatal, and can dramatically affect your reputation.

Stop attracting stinging insects to the premises by doing the following:

  • Sweeping the eaves and roof lines
  • Removing fruit from underneath orchard trees
  • Eliminating standing puddles of water

If colonies have already appeared around your home, Contact Anderson Pest Control for hive elimination and removal. We are available for emergency services at a time convenient for you. 

Commercial Pest Control In McCullough Hills, NV

If your business suffers from regular attacks from pests, know that you are not alone. Thousands of industries throughout the Denver metro area are infested by pests each year, from bed bugs and termites to rodents and stinging insects. Do the right thing for your property by investing in Anderson Pest Control, your number one source for commercial pest control plans.  We love helping the following McCullough Hills industries:

  • Food Service Facilities
  • Hospitality Services (hotels, motels, etc)
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Retail Establishments

Don’t see your industry on our list? We still can serve your unique niche! Simply connect with a team member today to discuss personalized commercial pest control plans. We can make your business out-of-bounds to pests. Find out how today!

How To Keep Summer Spiders Out Of Your McCullough Home 

There are many types of spiders here in McCullough, ranging from the dangerous kinds to the common house spider. The good news is that no matter what types of spiders are trying to break into your home, the same prevention tips work for all of them. Below are some ideas to keep the spiders out of your home this summer:

  • Seal up holes: Go around your house and seal up any holes you find. Cover any cracks and crevices because this is mainly how spiders get inside.
  • Organize clutter: Spiders are looking for a safe place to hide, so your attics and garages are especially appealing. Reduce this appeal by organizing your boxes to make it difficult for a spider to set up shop.
  • Treat other insect infestations: If spiders are invading your home, you are probably already dealing with a different type of insect infestation. Because spiders are looking for easy meals, a home filled with other insects is ideal for them.
  • Vacuum regularly: Don't forget to vacuum in the corners, and even lift the wand onto the ceiling and above bookshelves to take out webs and possible spiders.
  • Remove vegetation in your yard: If you have greenery near your home, consider removing it, as this brings spiders closer to your house.

Here at Anderson Pest Control, we have been helping McCullough residents keep dangerous and common house spiders out of their homes for many years. Our expert technicians quickly and effectively eliminate existing infestations and implement proven prevention strategies to keep them from returning. Call us today to prepare for this summer's season.

Three Things That Attract Scorpions to Your McCullough Home

We all have to look out for scorpions as it gets warmer outside. Take a look around your home to see if you have any of the following things that these pests find appealing:

  1. Dark places to hide: Scorpions are especially attracted to dark places where they can hide. This can be a shoebox, inside your shoe, or among other clutter you have in your basements or garages.
  2. Moisture: Leaky plumbing creates moisture, which is another thing scorpions like to be around. Because of this, you are likely to find scorpions in your bathrooms and under your sinks.
  3. Insects: Much like with spiders, if you have an existing insect infestation, you are likely to find that scorpions are not far behind. Insects are one of their primary food sources.

Anderson Pest Control technicians remove existing scorpion infestations without anyone getting hurt. If you are concerned about your home, don't wait. Contact us today for a qoute or inspection. 

McCullough Property Owners' Step-By-Step Cockroach Control Guide

A cockroach infestation is one of the worst pest problems. Cockroaches are not just obnoxious and gross but can pass on harmful diseases to you and your family. Below are three things you can do to prevent a cockroach infestation today:

  • Seal up holes: Because they likely got in through a tiny hole in your home's siding, go around and look for these holes. Seal all of them up because they can squeeze through just about anything.
  • Properly store food: Attracted to your pantries and the food you keep inside them. Store food in durable containers, and clean up spills and crumbs immediately and thoroughly.
  • Declutter: Cockroaches like clutter because it gives them a place to hide. Organizing your home and your physical items to be neat and organized takes away the appeal.

Every home is at risk of a cockroach infestation, not just those we consider 'dirty.' Should you find that they have invaded your home, give the pros at Anderson Pest Control a call. We will safely exterminate these pests and ensure no one falls ill. Reach out to learn more. 

How To Be Sure It Is Bed Bugs Bugging Your McCullough Home

Bed bug control is essential for all McCullough homeowners. Anyone can be exposed to these pests and accidentally bring them home. If you aren't sure if the pests you're dealing with are bed bugs, consider the following signs:

  • Musty odor: Often described as 'offensive,' bed bugs leave behind a foul, musty odor that secretes from their scent glands. You will smell this anywhere the bugs hide, and it is pretty unmistakable.
  • Excrement: Wherever bed bugs are in your house, you will also find their feces. These are usually dark or rusty-looking spots, and you are more likely to find them on your mattress, sheets, and walls.
  • Eggshells and shed skins: Bed bugs shed their skin as they grow, and finding these skins is a sure-fire sign that bed bugs are in your home. Additionally, eggshells are also a sign that not only do you have a bed bug problem, but the problem is extensive because they have had time to settle in and breed.
  • Bloodstains: If you are finding blood stains on your bedding, this could be a sign that bed bugs are present. These marks come from your blood as the insects feed on you. 

Anderson Pest Control provides superior bed bug control that roots out the entire infestation, exterminating all of them so they don't restart their infestation. Don't lose another night's sleep to these pests. Give us a call today!

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