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Stop Scorpions From Invading In Las Vegas

While most scorpions don't have venom potent enough to present a threat, the most venomous scorpion in North America lives right here in our backyard. This could be literal for you. Fortunately, these dangerous arachnids aren't looking to sting you. They're not aggressive, but they will attack if they are disturbed or threatened.

Most Las Vegas area residents know the general rules about scorpions. Don't stick your hand in a hole, wear gloves when working in the yard, and don't walk around in your lawn at night without footwear, but there is more to it than this. Whether you're a homeowner looking to protect yourself and your family, or you're a business owner hoping to safeguard against this threat, here are a few things you should know.

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General Scorpion Prevention Tips

  • Bark scorpions are good climbers and will scale the sides of structures like they would the bark on a tree. Be sure to inspect the exterior of your property and seal any entry points they might use to get inside.
  • Bark scorpions will scale the skirting on a bed or climb up a blanket. If you've seen scorpions on your property, consider removing bed skirts, and don't let bedding or sheets touch the floor at night. If you're a business owner, consider providing a fact sheet for your tenants, customers, or clients.
  • Bark scorpions hide in dark, undisturbed locations. Be cautious when going into attic spaces or storage areas.
  • Bark scorpions get into holes. While you should be cautious when putting your hand in a hole, these arachnids can also hide in many places that look like holes, such as shoes, boots, clothing piles on the floor, bedding, crumpled up towels, etc. Always shake things out before use.

Our Scorpion Control Solutions

Your Anderson Pest Control technician knows where scorpions congregate and will treat locations, such as expansion joints, foundations, piles, riverbed rocks, and other harborage areas. Here are some of the services we offer.

Black Light Inspection

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If you're concerned about scorpions roaming around in your property at night, we offer a Black Light Inspection Service. Scorpions glow when black light is shined on them. With this service, we can help you make sure your attic, storage areas, and other locations in or around the structures on your property are free of scorpions.


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If you don't have time to inspect your exterior, seal openings, and make sure your doors and windows have a good seal, we can do that for you. We also offer branch trimming and other services to prevent bark scorpions from getting into your property by way of your roof.


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If you want the best protection to keep scorpions out of your property, we provide comprehensive pest control services that help to address the conditions that attract scorpions and also provide additional, targeted control, through the use of EPA-approved pest control materials. The products we use are residual and stand up to harsh desert conditions.

Protect Your Las Vegas Property From Scorpions

Whether you're currently dealing with a scorpion infestation or you'd like to prevent a scorpion infestation from occurring, we can help. Experience the Anderson Difference. We can guide you in finding the right services to address your scorpion concerns. Request a free inspection to get started.

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Is your property overrun with scorpions? We can help!

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