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Professional Pest Control For Queensridge, NV Properties

A small gated neighborhood located just a few miles west of Las Vegas, Queensridge is a community unlike any other. With custom luxury homes and views of the Spring Mountains, Queensridge is quickly becoming one of the area's most highly desired settlements for city life with an added layer of protection. With warm temperatures year-round and a dry heat to make them more comfortable, those who live in Queensridge enjoy outdoor activities like golfing and tennis 365 days a year. However, along with the warmth comes a slew of pests that also seek the heat, or rather, protection from it. But don’t fear, there’s an answer! 

Anderson Pest Control has been serving Las Vegas area families and businesses alike for more than 20 years with top notch pest control eco-friendly pest control services that they can count on. Because we know that every situation is different, we offer clients of every kind completely customized plans to fit their every need. Our team of experts is here and ready to help you, so contact us today for your no-cost, no-obligation inspection and say goodbye to pests! 

At Anderson Pest Control, it’s our mission to keep your family and property safe and free from pests in a way that is minimally invasive and safe for the environment. We offer families a selection of home pest control plans that are each geared to meet your unique needs while providing preventive protection from pests all year long. When our team of highly trained technicians comes to inspect your property, we gain a holistic view of what problems are plaguing you and develop a treatment plan that helps you meet your pest goals. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation inspection! 

Scorpion Control: Helpful Tips For Queensridge Property Owners

Scorpions thrive in dry, warm climates similar to that of Queensridge and pose a significant health risk to humans. With their pincers, scorpions grasp hold of their prey and take a big bite. In order to control scorpion populations on your property, here are a few pointers:

Clear yard debris. Because scorpions dig burrows in soil and hide underneath logs, debris, and rocks, be sure to keep your yard clear and dispose of debris regularly.

Store firewood properly. Ensuring that any firewood piles are kept 20 feet away from any structures on your property and five inches off the ground will remove a key hiding spot for scorpions.

Patch up your home. Scorpions will enter homes and buildings either through holes in your structure or torn window or door screens, so make sure that doors and windows are fitted properly and that any damaged screens are repaired.

Call the pros. Scorpions are a highly dangerous pest that shouldn’t be handled on your own. Contact a team of pest professionals to handle a scorpion population on your property.

Call Anderson Pest Control today to keep your property scorpion-free! 

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs From Queensridge, NV Homes

Bed bugs are one of the most commonly misidentified and unidentified pests due to the secretive nature of their work and the fact that they are nearly invisible to the naked eye. And if you’ve had bed bugs, you’ll know it. Many people who’ve had an infestation awake from a night's sleep only to be covered head to toe with itchy red welts that are painful to the touch. If you suspect the presence of bed bugs in your Queensridge home, here are a few tips for eliminating them:

Wash everything. Anything that can go in the wash should be cleaned thoroughly and dried on the highest setting, and for things that can’t go in the wash, put them in the dryer on the highest setting.

Clean up. Take a stiff brush to infected mattresses and sofas to remove bed bugs before vacuuming.

Encase your mattress. Mattress protectors are helpful in preventing a bed bug infestation, but they’re also useful for containing a previous one so that no missed bed bugs don’t escape and infest other parts of the home.

Call the professionals. Eradicating a bed bug infestation can be tedious, costly, and simply put, nearly impossible for the average homeowner to accomplish on their own. With the assistance of a professional team, you can actually get rid of a bed bug problem in its entirety.

For bed bug solutions that you can count on, contact the professionals at Anderson Pest Control today! 

Commercial Pest Control In Queensridge, NV

When you’re in business, a pest problem can put the safety of your people at risk while also costing you business and your reputation. Don’t take that chance; contact the pros at Anderson Pest Control today for the best in pest management. We work with a wide array of businesses utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods that are geared toward creating sustainable results so that you can have peace of mind and keep your doors open. 

When we work with business owners, it’s our job to intimately understand their needs, whether they’re proactive or issue-specific. Together we’ll create a customized plan of action with proven efficacy, and after your treatments, we’ll follow up with regularly scheduled maintenance to fit your goals. Contact Anderson Pest Control today for all of your commercial pest control needs! 

Five Simple & Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Queensridge Homeowners

Ants in Queensridge are a common pest for homeowners, but with these five simple, expert-approved tips, you can prevent ant problems:

  1. Fix moisture problems. Shut off showerheads and sinks after using them, keep gutters flowing, and eliminate leaky pipes.
  2. Clean up the house. Clean away spills and crumbs, be meticulous about trash storage and disposal, and do the dishes after using them.
  3. Practice proper food storage. Always opt for sealed containers when looking to store leftovers, baking items, or snacks.
  4. Fill in all openings. In order to keep ants outside, insert door sweeps and apply weatherstripping around doors and windows for a tighter fit while also applying caulk to the crevices and holes in foundations, no matter how small they seem.
  5. Ask for help. Routine maintenance from a local pest control expert can provide an added barrier of protection from ants while also actively deterring them from a property.

For more information on ant prevention, call Anderson Pest Control today.

How To Identify Roaches Around Queensridge And Why It Matters

There are a variety of cockroaches that live in the Queensridge area and it’s very important to know how to identify them. Those species include:

  • German cockroach: The German cockroach is usually a metallic brown color and though they have wings, they prefer to scamper at high speeds. They are also the most prevalent species in the world.
  • American cockroach: This type of roach is a reddish-brown color, and while they have a set of wings, they rarely fly. Additionally, the American cockroach is usually associated with crumbs and living spaces.
  • Oriental cockroach. The oriental cockroach is a very dark shade of brown and has wings that it uses to fly. They are known as waterbugs because they prefer damp spaces.

To start, identification matters because oftentimes people misidentify cockroaches and assume that they’re beetles or other pests. This can be a significant problem because cockroaches are far more harmful than the pests that they get mistaken for.

Cockroaches have the ability to spread pathogens that cause streptococcus infections, diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases, and E. coli infections. They are also a food source for venomous spiders like black widows and brown recluses, so it’s very important to understand what pests are present. Additionally, certain cockroaches require specific treatments, which makes proper identification even more important. For more information on cockroach control in Queensridge, please call Anderson Pest Control today.

How To Eliminate Pest Birds In Queensridge

Pest birds can damage Queensridge properties simply by leaving behind corrosive droppings, but they can also instigate house fires with their nests and spread dangerous pathogens to people, even causing lung infections. In order to effectively keep them off of properties, the best solution is working with Anderson Pest Control. We bring a combined 60 years of experience to each property that we service and because we’re a locally owned company, we know the birds that we’re preventing unlike anyone else.

We always begin by having one of our licensed pest experts perform a property inspection so that we can understand the full scope of a bird problem and locate where they’re roosting. Because we abide by Integrated Pest Management standards, the treatments that we provide are humane for birds, don’t negatively impact the environment or people, and provide long-term protection. Some of the tools we use include angled panels, exclusion, and plastic spikes. In addition to safely eliminating birds, we also offer customers the option of sanitation services, which can be invaluable due to the volume of feces that birds produce. No matter what services we provide, we will always stand by the results. For more information on bird control in Queensridge, please call us today. 

The Secret To Effective Rodent Control For Queensridge Property Owners

While rodents can end up in local properties very easily, the secret to effective rodent control in Queensridge doesn’t have to be complicated. The secret to keeping rodents out of a property is professional services from the team at Anderson Pest Control. We are a local team of licensed pest specialists, so we bring an unparalleled knowledge of the area’s rodents to the homes and businesses that we treat.

All of our rodent work is driven by the guidelines of Integrated Pest Management, which is the industry’s highest standard of care. This system allows our team to understand the root cause of rodent invasions and how they’re interacting with the property that they’ve invaded. Additionally, it combines food and harborage reduction along with structural modifications and the thoughtful use of eco-friendly products.

We always begin with a complete property inspection that includes the interior and exterior. Once we have the relevant information, we seal up all entry points through the process known as exclusion. This utilizes rodent-proof products like steel wool, wire mesh, and caulk. We also set tamper-proof bait stations, which we monitor on an ongoing basis to ensure a rodent-free environment. For more information on our Queensridge rodent control services, please call us today. 

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