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Professional Pest Control For Tule Springs, NV Properties

Located in the Mojave Desert, Tule Springs is a small town full of great schools, lakes, parks, and  attractions. And just a mere 20 mile ride away from Las Vegas, its city access is unparalleled for those who seek a slower pace of life. With a dry heat that’s present all year long, and temperatures surging during the summer months, Tule Springs is enjoyable for those who look to the outdoors, but is unfortunately enjoyable for an array of pests as well. 

Since 2002, Anderson Pest Control has proudly provided Las Vegas area families and businesses alike with pest control they can count on. We are a locally-owned, family-operated business that is dedicated to finding our clients primarily eco-friendly solutions that will keep their properties pest-free. Contact us today for your free quote and more information. 

Home Pest Control In Tule Springs, NV

At Anderson Pest Control we strive to provide families of Tule Springs with the highest quality, eco-friendly treatments that are also pet-friendly, stainless, and odorless. We work closely with families to find a course of action that accomplishes their goals while being conscientious of scheduling and budget. Among all of the most cutting edge technologies that Anderson Pest Control employs, we also offer an exclusive barrier service of our own that hits a rigorous 20-point checklist. No matter what your home pest control needs might be, we will work with you to manage any of the pests that might find their way onto your property. Contact us today for your no-cost, no-obligation inspection today. 


How To Control Cockroaches On Tule Springs Properties

cockroach on kitchen tile

Cockroaches are a tenacious pest that can survive for up to a month without food, a week without water, and in some cases, a week without their head. That said, here are a few ways that Tule Springs property owners can control cockroaches on their property:

  • Keep things clean. Cockroaches love everything from clutter to dirty dishes, so making sure that stacks of newspapers get recycled and the dishes don’t pile up is key.

  • Address moisture issues. While their primary goal is finding human food, some species of cockroaches will seek excess moisture. Be sure to repair any leaking faucets, drains, pipes, irrigation systems, bathtubs, and shower heads.

  • Watch where you eat. Roaches love nothing more than the tiniest of your crumbs. Try to eat neatly with a plate and limit the number of places where you eat.

  • Call the professionals. Over time, cockroaches have become resistant to many common pesticides, and using traps or bait leaves Tule Springs homeowners with dead roaches strewn about the house without eliminating the infestation. Since cockroaches can actually be very harmful to a person's health, nothing beats calling in a team of professional pest control specialists.

Contact the team at Anderson Pest Control today for cockroach care you can count on. 

Four Easy Ways To Avoid Stinging Insect Bites In Tule Springs

bee climbing on branch

No matter if you have wasps or hornets or any stinging insect in between on your Tule Springs property, they can easily become a buzzkill. Four ways to avoid these pests are:

  1. Store food and trash properly. Wasps love nothing more than your trash, so next time you host a barbeque, be sure to store trash securely and keep all food that’s being served covered in airtight containers.

  2. Watch where you plant. While some people like stinging insects for their ecological benefits, having a garden that’s planted too close to your home can actually prove dangerous.

  3. Limit your scent. Similarly to other pests, things like heavily scented detergents, perfumes, and lotions will attract stinging insects, so opt to wear unscented items.

  4. Contact the pros. Stinging insects are invasive and present a significant health risk to humans, so when it comes to giving them the boot, nothing beats working with the professionals.

For all of your stinging insect control needs, contact the professionals at Anderson Pest Control today!

Commercial Pest Control In Tule Springs, NV

At Anderson Pest Control, we aim to keep your business safe and free from pests 365 days a year. We serve medical facilities, retail operations, warehouses, and more from pests of all shapes and sizes through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. This way of providing service allows us to understand the entire scope of your pest goals, while providing long-lasting solutions that yield results. When you choose Anderson Pest Control for your commercial pest control needs, you’ll receive our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee and total peace of mind. So contact us today and start achieving all of your pest control needs! 


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