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Why invest in Cricket Control For Your Las Vegas Home?

One of the most frustrating pests in Las Vegas is the cricket. Why? Because there is a lot of misinformation about crickets and cricket control. For instance, does a cricket make a chirping noise? Yes, if the cricket in your home is a house cricket – it will indeed make chirping sounds, but camel crickets will not make a peep. Here is another one. Can crickets live in your home permanently? No, if the crickets in your home are house crickets, they're only likely to survive a few months – but a camel cricket can live as long as two years inside your home.

Las Vegas is home to about eight cricket species that get into homes. House crickets and camel crickets are the most common invaders. The more you know about them, the better.

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Quick Cricket Facts

  • Crickets get in by accident. You can have some success keeping them out if you take time to seal gaps and cracks in your exterior.
  • Crickets are drawn to moisture. If you have clogged gutters, plumbing issues, overwatered landscaping, or some other condition that is causing oversaturation, you can have trouble with crickets.
  • Crickets are nocturnal insects that are attracted to light. If you keep lots of lights on at night, you can expect to have issues with crickets. Replacing white light bulbs with bulbs that put off yellow light can help you keep lights on for security while still reducing this potential attractant.
  • Crickets can attract black widow spiders, wolf spiders, and other pests that feed on them. When you take time to reduce crickets, you have an impact on other, potentially harmful, Nevada pests.

Our Cricket Control Solutions

Our technicians can help you get control of crickets inside and around your Las Vegas area home. At Anderson Pest Control, we use a combination of methods to achieve the best results possible.


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We use a specialized granular bait that targets crickets. This EPA-approved product is placed in key locations where crickets are frequently active, such as around water meters and in gaps and crevices.


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We apply a high-quality silicon product to cracks, gaps, and other entry points that can be sealed. This creates a physical barrier to prevent crickets from gaining entry. In some cases, we may work to make sure exterior doors seal properly.


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If crickets have gotten indoors, we will apply an odorless product to baseboards, cracks and crevices, and on the edges of carpets. As necessary, we apply glue boards to observe cricket activity and track the success of the treatments.

Guaranteed pest Protection For Your Las Vegas, NV Property

Do you have a cricket problem? Reach out to Anderson Pest Control. We provide effective and long-lasting cricket control here in Las Vegas. When you invest in year-round pest control, which provides coverage for crickets, your service comes with a pest control guarantee. If crickets find a way past your defense, it's on us; not you. Reach out to us today to learn more or to schedule a free pest control inspection for your Las Vegas area home. We're here to help.

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Is your property overrun with crickets? We can help!

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