Just One Spider Or A Sign Of An Infestation In Your Las Vegas Home?

close up of a spider on the ground

Las Vegas has a reputation for being a playground for adults, thanks to the famous strip known as Las Vegas Boulevard. However, go beyond the Strip and you will discover pleasant suburban communities, world-class restaurants, and beautiful parks where families can gather to enjoy a wondrous day out in the sun and fresh air. Unfortunately, the area is also home to a few different kinds of spiders that can cause worry to homeowners.
There are black widow spiders in Las Vegas, as well as desert recluse spiders and wolf spiders. The bite of a wolf spider is quite painful and may lead to a secondary infection, but the venom from the bite of the black widow and desert recluse spiders can trigger reactions that require serious medical attention. Learn how to keep these spiders out of your Las Vegas home and how partnering with the experts at Anderson Pest Control will give you a strong sense of security when dealing with these venomous pests.

If I Find A Spider In My Las Vegas Home, Are There More?

Spiders are attracted to the inside of homes because of an ample food source. If there are a lot of insects in seldom-used areas of the house, like basements, attics, and garages, spiders will build their webs in the best areas to catch their prey. Spiders eat mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, moths, and ants, so there’s a good bet if one spider followed them into your home Las Vegas home, more spiders followed suit.

Natural Smells To Keep Spiders Away From Your Las Vegas Home

Spiders in Las Vegas will follow those pesky insects into your home and set up shop if there is a constant stock of them to make consistent meals. Though the best way to get rid of spiders is by partnering with a licensed pest control professional, there are some natural scents that spiders find repelling, such as:

  • Peppermint
  • Vinegar
  • Citrus
  • Cedar mulch
  • Catnip
  • Chestnut
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Turmeric
  • Marigold

Most of these scents can be combined with water in a spray bottle and applied to areas where you have seen spiders and want to keep them out of; doorways, windows, and other openings are usually points of interest when applying such sprays.

How To Prevent Future Spider Problems In Las Vegas

In addition to applying the scents above, there are some prevention tips recommended by the experts themselves at Anderson Pest Control; you can try to keep all the different kinds of spiders from entering your Las Vegas home by trying the following:

  • Repair leaky pipes, clogged gutters, and dripping hoses that could provide spiders and insects with a source of water.
  • Eliminate clutter both inside and outside your home that can offer gathering areas for all spiders.
  • Clear away webs inside or outside your home, as this annoys spiders.
  • Keep your grass cut short; prune overgrown shrubs and keep bushes away from your home’s exterior.
  • Repair cracks in your home’s foundation and exterior walls to keep them out.
  • Repair roof damage and keep caps on chimneys.
  • Place a motion sensor on outdoor lights to keep them off when not needed; these lights attract insects, which in turn attract spiders.

Practicing all of these prevention tips still may not keep them out. The best way to get rid of spiders in your Las Vegas home and keep them out is by enlisting the help of a local pest control professional.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your Las Vegas House

Whether it’s black widow spiders in Las Vegas or all spiders that inhabit the region, the experts at Anderson Pest Control will make it their mission to get these eight-legged menaces out of your home. Through effective and ethical pest control services, our family-owned company always goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer service and protect your home and family from spiders and other pests. Since 2002, we have been successfully eliminating spiders in Las Vegas from homes and properties and will help you keep them from coming back. If you are ready to maintain a spider-free home and want to learn more about our spider control solutions, reach out to Anderson Pest Control today.