How Bed Bugs Get Into Las Vegas Homes

las vegas bed bugs in a home

Bed Bugs can infest any home, clean or dirty. They usually hitchhike in on a piece of clothing, a backpack, luggage, or second-hand furniture or appliances. They are very difficult to get rid of once they are in your Las Vegas home.

Signs You Have Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. They are flat, oval bugs that are brown in color. When they feed on a person, they become red, round bugs. They are nocturnal, so are rarely seen during the day when they hide near the seams of mattresses and bedsprings and the cracks in furniture or other objects. If you have bed bugs, you will see dark dots of feces where they congregate. You may also see red smears where a full bed bug got crushed or dribbled blood. The shed skins, eggshells, and eggs will be visible where they congregate. Bed bugs are typically close to where they feed, but as the infestations grow, they spread out. 

Bed Bug Hotspots

The most common way to get bed bugs is by traveling. They crawl on your clothes, luggage, and other property. Living in apartments is also a problem because if just one unit is infested, the bed bugs can travel into other units.

Preventing Bed Bugs When Traveling

When entering a hotel room or other place you plan to sleep, place your luggage in the shower or bathtub. This will keep it safe and clean until you can check for bed bugs.  

  • Pull the bed linens off of the bed.  
  • Inspect the mattress, especially along the seams, for any signs of bed bugs. You should be able to see any adults and also the feces they leave behind.  
  • Look at the upper seam and the bottom one all the way around the mattress.  
  • Then check the box spring in the same way.  
  • If you do not find anything, check the bed linens. If all is clear, replace the bed linens.  
  • Finally, check the webbing of the luggage rack and the seams where it meets the metal.  

If you do not find signs of bed bugs in the room, it is safe to put your luggage on the luggage rack. If you do find signs of bed bugs, get your luggage and exit the room. Ask the management for a new room and check it before use, too. 

Check Secondhand Items Closely

Secondhand items are another way bed bugs can enter your home. Before buying furniture or appliances, check them for bed bugs. Look along the seams, in the frames, and in other dark places they can hide. Secondhand clothing, backpacks, or other cloth items may be infested with bed bugs, so the best way to deal with that is to toss the stuff in a washer and run it at least 30 minutes in hot water. Then put it in the dryer at the highest setting for an additional 30 minutes. 

If you do buy secondhand furniture and appliances, take them apart and vacuum them. Vacuum every part of the appliances, including the bottom and places people do not usually clean up or check. Do the same thing with furniture. Only when you are convinced you have gotten everything vacuumed should you bring the furniture and appliances in the house. 

Bed Bugs Are Tough

If you find bed bugs in your home, realize that they are among the toughest bugs to kill. You need to call a professional to get rid of them. Anderson Pest Control has the knowledge, experience, and tools to get rid of the bed bugs for you.

When you call us, we will send out our highly trained technicians to your home. We inspect the interior and exterior of your home. We will then develop a plan to use the least toxic alternative to get rid of your pests. We will also suggest things you can do to keep pests out of your home. Call Anderson Pest Control at (702) 356-0183 today and get rid of your bed bugs.