The Easiest Way To Keep Crickets At Bay In Las Vegas

camel cricket on a leaf

Of all the pests that live here in Las Vegas, crickets are one of the most annoying. When these bugs invade interior spaces, they bring their annoying song with them. If you don’t like being awakened by crickets at 2 a.m. and you are looking for a way to keep these pests out, year-round, here are some things you need to know today. If you would like to skip to Las Vegas pest control professional services, call our team at Anderson Pest Control. We will walk you through our service options and find a great solution to your cricket problems asap.

Signs Of Cricket Infestations

Crickets like to invade homes here in Las Vegas but they do not like to be seen by homeowners. This raises a question. How do you identify crickets without seeing them? In all honesty, there aren’t many signs of crickets beyond the crickets themselves. The only real clue that these pests are around is the loud chirping they produce at night. If you hear chirping at night and suspect your home has a cricket problem, call our team in for a detailed pest inspection. We are experts in identifying elusive bugs and would be happy to lend you a helping hand.

The Reason For The Loud Chirping

Not all crickets chirp. The camel cricket, a common species in our area, does not chirp at all. The two types of crickets in Las Vegas that are known for chirping are the field cricket and the house cricket. Both of these invasive insects produce a chirping sound by rubbing their back legs together. This sound is used by males to attract a mate. As pleasant as it is to hear a symphony of chirping crickets late at night (outside), hearing a single intermittent chirp in the middle of the night is a great way to lose sleep. 

Ways To Deter Crickets Easily In Las Vegas

Crickets invade homes for a few different reasons. Most often they come inside because of cooler nighttime temperatures. Some species will invade interior spaces to search for food. The field cricket loves eating things like cotton, linen, wool, fur, and silk while house crickets eat plant matter and dead insects. To help you keep these loud pests out of your Las Vegas home, here are a few prevention tips to consider. 

  • Thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home. Seal any gaps, cracks, and holes you find using a caulking gun or some liquid cement.
  • Check the condition of your home’s window/door screens. Make sure they are all in good working condition.
  • Repair or replace damaged door sweeps.
  • Install weatherstripping where it is needed around windows and doors.
  • Keep your home clean and reduce moisture where you can.
  • Turn off exterior lights at night.

Although helpful, prevention tips are not a perfect option to keep crickets at bay. To make sure these pests stay out of your Las Vegas home year-round, you need professional pest control.

The Best Way To Keep Crickets Out Of Your Home For Good

To protect your home against invasive pests like crickets, let our team at Anderson Pest Control lend you a helping hand. We will inspect your home for existing pest problems, inform you about what we find, and recommend a reliable control plan to get and keep pest invaders out. We will work hard to make sure that all of your pest control needs are met and that your Las Vegas home is well taken care of.  It really is that simple.

Call now to learn more about pest control in Las Vegas and schedule your home for a detailed service visit.