Step-By-Step Guide On Wasp Nest Removal In Las Vegas

a mud dauber wasp gathering mud

Several different types of wasps can commonly be found in the Las Vegas area. The most common nests you might encounter are created by paper wasps, yellow jackets, mud wasps, weevil wasps, and cicada killers. At Anderson Pest Control, we know that tracking down a nest isn’t always easy but sometimes it must be done. We want to help you locate and get rid of wasps on your property. We use eco-friendly methods of pest control in Las Vegas and know that sometimes natural deterrents are a safe bet when it comes to wasps.

How To Find A Hidden Wasp Nest

Wasps are not inherently vicious creatures, and they can offer many benefits in a garden. The mud wasp, for example, is a great ally to have around and will feast on aphids and other plant-loving pests. However, all stinging insects have the potential to attack. Typically, wasps only attack if they feel their nest is being threatened, but in late summer when temperatures rise their patience and tolerance fall and there is an increase in attacks.

But how do you find a hidden wasp nest? Well, you’ve got to think like a wasp. Wasps want a dry nest, and they will pick spots that are well protected against the elements to house their next generation.

  • Look under your home’s gutter system. The underside of a house gutter is out of reach for the average predator, dry, gives access to water, and bugs are drawn to the debris it holds, making it a perfect spot for wasps.
  • Check in the corners of your porch.
  • Look for entryways to the underside of your home. Vents that are not sealed, cracks in the foundation, and open crawl spaces are typical entry points for wasps.
  • Any trees that you have on your property could house a wasp’s nest.
  • Look for holes or divots in your lawn. Some yellow jackets burrow underground and make their home there and you won’t even see it until after you’ve gotten too close.
  • Mud wasps build their nests in mud. Although these helpful garden allies aren’t typically temperamental, the danger comes in when a swarm of yellow jackets pushes out the mud wasps and takes over the hive.

If you find yourself with a wasp problem, you may want to track down the nest and kindly ask them to leave, but unfortunately, there’s a little more to it than that.

What To Do Once You've Found The Wasp Nest

If you find an active nest, you must be careful. Nest removal can be quite dangerous, often resulting in multiple stings. Allergies can happen to anyone at any time, even if you’ve never had an allergic reaction before so if you plan to approach, do so cautiously. Because of the safety issues involved in wasp nest removal, we recommend that you don't try to do it yourself. The best way to get rid of a wasp nest is to exercise caution and call Anderson Pest Control. We can help identify what kind of nest you’ve got and also help get rid of it.

Natural Wasp Deterrents For Las Vegas Residents

The best way to have a wasp-free yard is to work on preventive measures that can stop a problem before it starts. Wasp prevention in Las Vegas doesn’t have to mean chemicals in your yard; here are natural ways you can deter wasps from your yard:

  • Wasps are repelled by the presence of thyme, spearmint, garlic, and lemongrass. You can plant these herbs around your home or use essential oils in areas where they might nest.
  • Plant colorful marigolds. Just like certain herbs, marigold flowers will also deter wasps.
  • One of the best ways to get rid of wasps is to put up a decoy. Wasps will not build their nests within 100 feet of another nest. Commercially made decoy nests are available, or you can make one yourself.

Besides yellow jackets, most wasps are pretty decent pollinators, and some will even keep other plant-loving pests away from your yard. However, as the summer months heat up, stinging insects can become more volatile and it’s simply best to keep them away from your yard to avoid a problem altogether.

If you are concerned about synthetic pest control materials in your yard, you are not alone! That’s why Anderson Pest Control has developed wasp control plans upon request that don’t require the use of harsh chemicals.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Wasps In Las Vegas

Wasps are an important part of nature’s ecosystem. They are nature’s waste management and all except yellow jackets make excellent pollinators. Some wasps even present benefits to the average gardener by hunting other pests that may affect plant growth. However, stinging insects have the potential to cause someone real harm if threatened. If you have an active nest or need some help tracking one down, we ask that you don’t try it alone. At Anderson Pest Control, we have two decades of experience dealing with wasps, and the last thing we want is for you to get hurt.

We have chemical-free plans available by request, and our traditional pest control methods are EPA-approved and are only applied where necessary. Give us a call today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.