Are You Struggling With Weeds In Las Vegas?

a broadleaf weed in a lawn

It doesn't take long for weeds to take over. If you put off investing in lawn care service for weeds, within a few years, your lawn could be mostly weeds. Do you know why? It has more to do with your grass than it has to do with your weeds. Let's take a look at what allows weeds to grow in Las Vegas yards, six tips that can help you stop weeds from growing, and what works to target the weeds in your yard.

What Causes Weeds To Grow In Las Vegas?

Weeds enter your lawn by air. Seeds float through the air and settle in your yard. When they do, they attempt to take root and try to outcompete your turfgrass for survival. The more you understand about this process, the more equipped you'll be to fight weeds. Unfortunately, there's a lot to learn. If you're up to the challenge, great! In the next section, you'll find six tips to get you started. If not, remember that you can always reach out to Anderson Pest Control for lawn and weed service.

Six Tips For Effective Weed Control

There are ways to prevent weeds from establishing themselves in your lawn, or to control weeds that have taken root. Some are easy to implement. Some are not so easy. Here are six tips to consider for effective weed control in Las Vegas:

1. If your grass isn't high enough, weeds can get the sunlight they need. This will give them the strength to do battle with your turfgrass. We recommend a grass height of about 2 to 3 inches to deter a wide range of weeds.

2. If your lawn doesn't get the water it needs, weeds can thrive. Many weeds don't require as much water as your turfgrass. Dry turfgrass will not be able to outcompete the weeds and choke them out. It is important to water your lawn and strengthen your turfgrass.

3. A balanced application of fertilizer is essential. Keep in mind that too much fertilizer will allow certain weeds and unwanted grasses to flourish, and too little fertilizer can thin your lawn out and prevent your turfgrass from outcompeting the weeds.

4. Some weeds are best addressed by an application of pre-emergent herbicides. A pre-emergent herbicide will stop certain weeds from germinating.

5. If weeds have already started to take root in your lawn, you may need post-emergent herbicide. Post-emergent herbicides must be selected and handled with care.

6. If you want an eco-friendly solution, you could pluck the weeds up by hand. Unfortunately, this is time-consuming and backbreaking. It is much better to invest in lawn care service for weeds. A trusted professional will properly select and apply the products necessary to keep your lawn free of weeds, without presenting any threat to your family, your pets, or the environment.

Can You Stop Weeds From Growing Permanently?

If only! The sad truth is that weeds are continually entering your yard. There is no way to rid your lawn of weeds permanently. The only solution is ongoing care. You can do this yourself or invest in lawn and weed control services from a professional.

Who To Contact For Weed Control In Las Vegas

If you're in Las Vegas, Anderson lawn service is a great choice. Our lawn care specialists are highly-trained and our lawn care service prices a competitive. Find out why Las Vegas residents trust Anderson lawn service to keep their lawns beautiful, healthy, and free of weeds. Contact Anderson Pest Control today to learn more, request lawn care service prices, or schedule a visit from one of our lawn care professionals.